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On this edition of the Predictable Revenue podcast, host Collin Stewart welcomes veteran sales leader, BDR consultant, c-suite executive and Startup Sales Professor Rex Biberston.

Rex has done it all in the world of sales development and lead generation, having held titles as varied as SDR, Alliance Manager, CRO and, most recently, company owner.

Throughout this episode, Collin, and Rex do a deep dive on a critical piece of every sales development professional’s job: executing the first 30 seconds of a cold call. Highlights include: how to avoid getting hung up (10:10), the pitfalls of doing too much pre-call research (12:06), a day in the life of a cold caller (14:35),  the steps to nailing the first 30 seconds of a call (20:40), and how to close the cold call (47:13).

Read the full interview here: How to Nail The First 30 Seconds of The Cold Call: In Conversation With Rex Biberston