On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, host Collin Stewart welcomes Evan Bartlett, Head of Inside Sales at New York City’s Zocdoc.

What isn’t there to say about Evan? He’s a veteran sales manager with international experience, mentor, coach and co-host of Building the Sales Machine, an event focused on bringing together sales managers from companies of all shapes and sizes. Evan truly is the consummate sales leader.

Throughout the pod, Evan shares his in-depth knowledge of effective sales management practices and how those practices help scale sales orgs. Highlights include: Key components to scaling a sales department ([9:21]), good sales management practices ([19:54]), traits and skills for effective managers ([28:23]), Communication mistakes ([34:49]), and establishing a culture of accountability ([54:03]).

Read the full interview here: Evan Bartlett on the Nuances of Inspiring Sales Leaders and Scaling the Sales Org