Cold Calling 2.0: Outbound Prospecting FAQs

We are often asked, “We’ve got a positive response, now what?”

Referral emails are simple and straightforward.  Most people tend to add too much information, taking any intrigue out of the introduction.  

There are three things needed in a referral email: 
1. Acknowledge where the referral came from in the subject.
2. Confirm you are speaking to the correct person: 
((Bob Smith)) recommended that you as the best person to speak with about ((outbound sales)).   
3. Check in to see if there is interest to connect: 
And I’m checking see if it’s possible to set up a quick call to see if there would be a fit between our companies.  
Two key things to remember while reaching out to a referral: 
  • Continue being an “explorer”- you are looking to see if there is a fit and unsure if you are speaking to the ultimate decision maker.  
  • Don’t sell.  Selling comes after you have verified that there is in fact a fit.