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Nail Your Niche

As your business follows a natural progression of growth you begin to run out of early adopters and need to begin to sell to mainstream buyers. The problem lots of business make is treating these two segments the same when they actually have vastly different buying habits. This what Aaron Ross refers to as crossing the hot coals, and Geoffrey Moore refers to as crossing the chasm (the gap between early adopters and early majority). The key differences between these customers is trust & attention.

When you are selling to friends, family, or through referrals you have the luxury of a large window of trust and attention. Your friends trust you (I hope) and will give you the time you need to effectively explain your product. When compared to mainstream buyers this window shrinks from hours to seconds, thus your selling process must change.

The Nail your Niche Workshop is for companies that are struggling to go from selling through referrals or early adopters to selling to the majority. We will take you through Aaron’s “5 aspects of your fundamental niche” in order to build a foundation to starting a successful outbound campaign and determine where you can grow the fastest with the best market opportunity.

Sometimes it’s clear, like the customer service and culture of Zappos. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on, or it needs developing. But it’s always there. If you’d like to sign up for a workshop follow the link below and we will be in touch.