TEAM Software Acquires 7 New Qualified Opportunities in a Month During Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Success Coaching

Ben Howden is the Director of Growth for the APAC Region at TEAM Software, a leading software company offering workforce management services.

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Ben Howden is the Director of Growth for the APAC Region at TEAM Software, a leading software company offering workforce management services. As the APAC region scaled, Ben was looking for solid training for the sales team and decided to partner with Predictable Revenue through our Outbound Success Coaching.


Before working with Predictable Revenue, the outbound sales team at TEAM Software consisted of two account executives and one newly hired sales development rep (SDR).

Although revenue growth was solid, Ben was looking to take sales to a new level and bring more leads into the funnel, and to do that; he needed to refine and improve their outbound model.


The outbound sales team had a loosely defined model in place, but Ben wanted to ensure the team followed industry best practices and set themselves up with a platform for success. They needed a solid framework to build the SDR function around. Without a playbook to work from, it was challenging to train and onboard new SDRs and ramp up quckly

In addition, Ben was hoping to upskill the existing sales team members and ensure everyone was following best practices for outbound. 

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Ben Howden 

Director of Growth for the APAC Region.


“The playbook has been great to refer back to as we build the SDR team; we’ve got a great resource that can be leveraged over and over again.”

“The customization of our needs, industry and personas were excellent. Although there’s a clear framework, it didn’t feel like a cookie-cutter approach.” – Ben Howden


Our Outbound Success Coaching helped TEAM Software document a comprehensive sales playbook. Considering their industry, personas, and key buyers, we created a training framework completely tailored to their specific needs.

“The customization of the program was excellent,” Ben says. “Although there’s a clear framework to follow, it didn’t feel like a “one size fits all” approach.”


With the playbook in hand, Ben and his team now have a resource they can refer back to as they build out their SDR function. The outbound sales team has the confidence to create new cadences faster, use data to optimize future cadences and follow best practices. 

“Having the framework to build off allows us to create structured cadences faster and get more out the door,” Ben says, “speed is so important for outbound success.”

Since the coaching engagement, TEAM Software’s outbound campaigns have been going well, with seven qualified opportunities acquired in one month. “It was a positive experience all around,” Ben says.


Our coaching support helped TEAM Software build a customized outbound sales framework they can use to tighten their sales process, drive more leads, and train new SDRs. We also helped establish a strong foundation for them to build on.

Although their sales team had seen some success, they lacked a clearly defined outbound process. Creating a sales playbook ensures the team follows best practices as they scale.

Ben says they plan on investing more time to expand the playbook as the company grows, but for now, he feels confident using it as a model. Their new outbound cadences have a higher response rate, and they’re hoping to continue this positive momentum.

100% increase in SQLs from over 6 months

Confidence to create new cadences faster and follow best practices

Their outbound cadences have a higher response rate

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