You’re Going to Be Okay

people walking down a hill

Has there been a time with so much fear, uncertainty and doubt? Not since I’ve been alive.

Humans are security-seeking creatures: ‘If I just marry the right person, then i’ll be safe’, or ‘If I have the right job, money or influence or investor, then I’ll be ok.’

But – bank accounts, weddings, promotions, fundraising… none of that creates “true” safety. Economic shocks, divorces and bankruptcies still happen (speaking as someone who’s been through all of the above).

You’re only truly safe with:

1) The confidence and trust you’ve built within yourself to deal with uncertainty and get through challenges, and,

2) With trusted relationships and people (friends, family, communities) who can be there for you when you need it, and you for them.

I think parents and entrepreneurs know this, because this is much of our lives – figuring things out day by day. No one really knows what they’re doing, we’re all just making it up as we go along. And that’s okay – when you realize that, it gets easier to ‘go for it’.

Your business may not survive. Your current job may not survive.

But there will be a new one. And for most people – a better one.

Unless you have a terminal illness – and many people do, as cancer hasn’t taken a break during these times – you will be okay.

This crisis is the sound of much of the world recreating itself. How are you recreating yourself now?

Don’t hide – embrace. NOW is the best time ever to dream about your ideal life, job, work or relationship! Everything is changing, so this is the best time to begin!

You’ll get through this.

But will you be in a position of growth afterwards? Or stuck in your old habits crying that your money changed?

And if you’re afraid of getting too old… you’ll never be too old. If you can embrace that things are different and jump in.

After getting into hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax debt and years of stress, my mother started selling flowers on Amazon at 70 years old – that’s how she successfully supports herself now.

Spending all your savings, going into debt, your credit score imploding? So what? Your life and success in this world isn’t measured by your credit score or savings. In fact, here’s mine – pretty crappy right? And it’d be nice to have better numbers, but investing in the family has been worth it x1000:

Here’s the score I care about, and what fuels my fire:

As well as working to take care of the team of a couple dozen people in Canada and a couple dozen in Mexico. (I’m thinking damn – I should have gotten a screenshot to post here! Next time)

And lastly, just as important as financial firefighting: investing in my own ‘mental’ (emotional) health and creativity. Getting back to writing and running and drawing is part of that – or both. I pass out early with the kids usually, and wake up early. Went for a short run here in Edinburgh, and felt inspired to write this up.

What about you – what are you doing to get through these times that do or don’t feel good, but are different? How are you shaking things up at work or home? Doubling down on your creativity, plans for change or life?

You’re going to be okay.

But it’s your choice: after this Year of Hell is over, will you have recreated yourself and your work, or remained stuck trying to get back to 2019?



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