if you’ve been following me here for awhile, you’ve seen me mention carb.io or Carburetor a few times.  well, we are finally announcing that we merged, under one company now called Predictable Revenue, Inc.!

mergers frequently fail, but this one is working out beautifully… we’re actually 9 months into it –

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.59.43 PM

we kept talking, and eventually agreed that by merging, we could create a much smarter, effective & more exciting company for our customers and ourselves…

for our customers, the merger gives us the best ingredients to ensure you have the highest chance of success with outbound prospecting, whether you need outsourcing as an interim step, consulting or training to get the people and strategy right, or software to automate it all.

for example, the customers who hire us for consulting to get their outbound team built can see it happen easier and faster because our software speeds up the whole process. and our software customers benefit from our expertise in hiring, training & scaling outbound teams.

from our perspective, we get to combine the Predictable Revenue brand and audience with the Vancouver team’s software & services team. we’ve created a software company with an unlimited future opportunity, that has a pre-existing brand and sizeable customer base, and that is cashflow positive. we don’t need to raise venture money, though we likely will later this year to speed up growth. we’re having first chats now, so if you’re an investor write me or collin back to find out more (collin@predictablerevenue.com).

personally, i get to go from supporting my family & 7 kids mostly through consulting and paid speaking, to now being a cofounder in an already-successful software company that could grow much faster and bigger than a services company, though i still will continue to actively consult and speak.


What’s This PredRev Carburetor App?

if you’ve made outbound prospecting a priority to speed up growth, the Predictable Revenue Carburetor app makes starting and scaling an outbound program simple.

it automates or streamlines the 5 key areas of list-building, email sending, response handling, Salesforce / CRM sync, and creating accurate & complete outbound funnel dashboards.

while there are a lot of apps in list building and email sending space (most of whom are our friends), we’re solving outbound problems in a different way (which is also why our price is 10x higher than most other prospecting apps).

it’s one thing to launch a team and send a bunch of email; it’s another to make that team successful year after year after year, through territory changes, data disorganization, SDR overload and “followup overwhelm”.

“just send more email” is today’s version of “just make more calls” – it’s not a solution, it’s a reaction. although our app helps you send more email more easily, that’s not why it’s so different or valuable. “sending more email” usually means “create more system clutter” or “drop more things through the cracks.”

by eliminating or streamlining the 1000 little things prospectors need to do well to be successful, we make it simpler for them to focus on what’s really important: choosing & prioritizing target accounts, dealing with unique or custom situations, and phone conversations.

we waited to announce the merger until our software app was ready and had paying customers. we’re out of beta now, and have gone from zero to $5k in MRR in the past couple of months. not a lot yet, but it’s growing fast! we believe we can get to $1m in recurring revenue by the end of the year.

Click here for A 2-Minute Video About The App & Pricing.

Our New Site
We launched a revised site today, check it out at: PredictableRevenue.com

We Have Two Positions Open (in Vancouver)
we have two positions open, and you must either live or be willing to move to Vancouver.
this is the role EVERYONE does when they join…

Check Out: The Account Strategist Positions

Tomorrow Night: Come Meet The Team In Vancouver
i and Shaun live in Los Angeles area and will NOT be at this happy hour, but most of our team is in Vancouver (about half of our 20 people), so if you’re around, come by to meet us on Thursday evening:

Casual happy hour at The Irish Heather
210 Carrall Street, Vancouver
so… i’m neck-deep writing the next book right now (the one with jason lemkin), so if you email me, please be patient, it may be awhile before i respond,


aaron ‘air’ ross

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and our three oldest girls, Zeveah (16), Aurora (12) and Victoria (16):

you made it this far? then as a surprise reward, here’s a sample of what’s coming in the next book:

The Five Truths:

  • You’re wasting your best resource
  • Your expectations are evil
  • You don’t need more opportunities
  • “Build it and they’ll come” is a fairy tale
  • Salespeople don’t fail companies, companies fail salespeople

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