one clear sign that you’re a “nice­-to-­have”:

everyone you show it to says “cool!” but no one buys.

in this excerpt of “From Impossible to Inevitable“,  jason lemkin and i talk about how to be a “need-to-have”.

Consumers don’t buy what they need; they buy what they want. How much do consumers spend on Porches and ice cream compared to broccoli and psychotherapy? But businesses don’t buy “nice-­to­-haves”. For example:

● Marketers want a beautiful website – but they need a website that converts visitors to leads or purchases.

● CEOs want “happy employees” – but they need people to show up and do their jobs, for products to be released on time, or cash-flow improved.

● A VP Sales wants “increased sales productivity” – but they need and buy what  contributes to it, like leads, accurate reporting tools, and training.

● Venture capitalists want to invest in honorable founders – but they need to  generate above-­average returns, which may or may not come from companies with honorable founders.


Are You A “Nice-To-Have”? 

It takes a lot of energy to buy and use something new, so if you’re a nice-to-have, it won’t  stick. Nice-to-haves fall to the bottom of the “must do” list. If the buyer doesn’t need your solution, they won’t be motivated to go through all the work to convince their people, justify the purchase, roll it out and get people to use it. So:

● What’s painful enough that a team will spend both money and time to fix it?

● How can you describe what you do differently, so prospects also see it that way?

● What differentiates the customers who need you vs. the ones who don’t?

● Where can you create the most financial value?

● Where can you get permission to create case studies or get references?

● How can you “sell money”?


“Sell Money” means proving to customers that your product will help them make more money, spend less of it, reduce the risk of losing it, or stay compliant (avoiding fines and legal risk). Demonstrate how spending money with you will make them more money.

If you say you’ll “increase revenue” or “decrease costs”, you sound just like everyone else.  What’s equivalent to money in their mind – leads? Close rates? Social activity? Collections? Make it easy for people to see.

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