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Collin Stewart headshot

Collin Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder

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Carrie White

SVP of Coaching and Delivery Services

headshot of julian marcuzzi

Julian Marcuzzi

VP of Revenue

Headshot of Laura Moon

Laura Moon

Director, Client Success

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Sarah Hicks

Head of Coaching

Headshot of Laura Moon

Cristina Esposto

Sales & Strategy Coach

Headshot of Peter

Peter Nieuwenburg

Senior Account Executive

Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

Client Success Manager

headshot of amy

Amy Zhu

Client Success Manager

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Julia Heesen

Sr. Marketing Manager

Headshot of Rajat

Rajat Kaushik

Client Success Manager

headshot of jacob

Jacob Clark

Client Success Manager

We have a great time in & out of the office living our values 🙂 

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SDR Team
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Revenue Team
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Exec Team
Client Success Managers

“I’ve spent years playing by the corporate rules, but that all goes out the window when you join a company that literally lives a “balanced life”. One of the greatest gifts that the Predictable Revenue corporate culture has delivered to our workforce has been the loosening of the clichéd and claustrophobic nine-to-five routine we might be familiar with, that’s an encouraging sign of good things to come.”

– Gil Mendoza, SDR

stones balanced on each other

 “It’s so exciting working for a company not only on the cutting edge in the world of outbound sales, but with a best selling book and years of experience at the top of our field. The people are smart, driven, innovative, and, most importantly, they really give a sh*t.” 

–  Sarah Hicks, Lead Coach –

Coaching Team

 “Working at Predictable Revenue means knowing that there’s always someone watching my back, there’s always a mentor pushing me forward, there’s always someone celebrating my wins, or helping me get through the failures. Being a part of PR is growth, balance, and having a family away from home.”

Veronica Oquendo, Content Marketing Specialist

Aaron Ross

Author & Co-Founder

Aaron is the author of From Impossible To Inevitable (ranked #1 SaaS book and 8th best startup book of all time) and Predictable Revenue about sales systems that helped, Twilio, Zuora and other companies create billions.

Fun fact: Aaron holds the PredRev record for fastest growing family, growing from 0 to 9 kids (and counting) in seven years.

Aaron is now advising revenue executives on how to maximise sales growth while minimising workload/stress on their teams (especially when they have complex family situations), and is an active board member on select boards.

You can reach out to him at his new e-mail address here, or engage him for speaking here.

book cover of predictable revenue
front cover of the from impossible to evitable book

Cool team eh... Want to join us?

Collin is a podcast host, AA-ISP Chapter President & failed musician (in a funny – not sad – way). Collin spent most of his professional career selling (10 years) before founding a software company. He enjoys sales, marketing and product management, and believes the three disciplines need to develop a closer working relationship.

Fun fact: Collin refereed hockey in order to pay rent during the first few years of starting the company.

Carrie White, SVP of Coaching and Delivery Services

Carrie has 25+ years in Hi Tech/SaaS in F500 and startups. Her key strengths and experiences include senior sales leadership, alliances/channels leadership, sales coaching and training. She founded a Toastmasters Chapter at IBM in the early 2000’s.

Fun fact: She has a ‘party trick’ where she can walk on her hands across a room.

Julian Marcuzzi has spent over 10+ years in sales as a sales rep, manager and now the VP of Revenue at Predictable Revenue. Julian has a passion for seeing his direct reports reach their full potential. He is most fulfilled when they push themselves to be their best and achieve what was once considered to them as ‘impossible.’

Fun fact: He once unknowingly pet a wild wolf during a round of golf.

Laura Moon is a podcast host, executive coach, strategy consultant, sales specialist, idea generator, life mentor, parent, gay, social entrepreneur, wife and fur mom. She is an accomplished sales and leadership executive known for her unique ability to blend compassion and ambition to reach any goal. Her focus has always been to support and enable everyone to access education and ongoing training via modern and ever-changing delivery models.

Fun fact: She is always short a few screws when she puts Ikea furniture together.

Sarah is the Lead Coach at Predictable Revenue, Collin’s counterpart on the Predictable Revenue podcast, a theatre school graduate, and an MBA candidate. Her experience performing and auditioning taught her first to be a coachable, agile, and an experimental SDR. After crushing SDR quotas and taking inspiration from the sales industry’s top thought leaders (and interviewing many of them on the podcast) she managed a team of 12 SDRs. Now, she coaches revenue leaders on how to build and scale their outbound functions in-house.

Fun fact: Sarah moonlights as an actor/musician (under a stage name – you’ll have to ask her what it is).

Cristina is a Sales and Strategy Coach with an obsession for growth. Everything from professional growth by way of clients success, to personal growth by adding to the list of restaurants she frequents. With a lifelong career in sales of all forms and positions, her mission is to take the grind out of sales, teams and functions, allowing companies to scale.

Fun fact: She once accidentally pet a bear.

Peter joined Predictable Revenue as their first outbound SDR in 2017. He was a top performer in the role before stepping into the Account Executive role the next year. Since then he’s been focusing on helping companies find the right path to outbound success.

Fun fact: Peter has a dog named after a vegetable.

Mike is a winner. A former professional athlete with over 16 years sales management experience, Mike thrives in a competitive and ambitious environment.  A natural leader, Mike lives by the saying “you have two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly”. Mike is a family man at heart and spends his leisure time going on (child centred) adventures and living vicariously through the sports channels.

Fun Fact: Mike wanted a dog, his wife wanted a cat, so they compromised and got a cat

Amy is a food, wine and dog lover. Amy lived in the Bay Area of California for 15 years, and decided to move back to Vancouver. She has more than 10 years of selling experience before joining Predictable Revenue. She enjoys sales, marketing and account management, and believes work and life balance bring the best outcome.

Fun fact: Amy loves wine and tequila but has very low alcohol tolerance.

Heading Marketing at Predictable Revenue, Julia is passionate about Demand Gen, Content, and the close alignment between marketing and sales. She strongly believes in owning her growth, always on the lookout to learn, experiment, and grow both professionally and personally.

Fun fact: Originally from Germany, Julia moved to Mexico to escape the cold.

Rajat hails to be a complete salesperson, starting his journey as an SDR/BDR, then a Business Development Manager, Account Executive and now an Account Strategist. He loves travelling – aspires to visit one new country every year, playing badminton, is a MCU fan and loves trying one new restaurant every weekend.

Fun fact: Rajat was cursed by some dark forces and he cooks the spiciest food possible, just a heads up!

Jacob (Jake) is an Account Strategist who helps sales organizations execute outbound strategies. Having worked with clients across multiple industries he has a solid foundation that allows him to develop the best strategies for his clients. A believer in the thinking that technology-empowered sales reps are the way forward, he enjoys testing new tools to help his clients achieve the best results.

Fun fact: He moved to Nova Scotia without ever having stepped foot in the province.