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Do you want to grow sales FASTER by building a team of dedicated prospectors, aka outbound SDRs?    Get it right the first time with our team, led by Aaron Ross.

“A prospecting team is the growth engine behind any best-in-class B2B sales and talent development strategy. Aaron and team knew that before anyone, and helped us buildout a program that our investors loved and competitors envied.” (Scott was CMO/CSO from ’06-’13, while Responsys grew from $20M to $200M in revenue, and was sold to Oracle for $1.5B in 2014)

Scott Olrich

Former CMO & CSO, Responsys

“It’s great to read to theory, but when you see the results actually coming through, it’s incredible. We’re 4 weeks in and talking with 70 brands like Chrysler, Sears, Steve Madden, Cartier…it’s working. We’re not annoying people, we’re finding out if there is a fit.” Paul Fifield

Chief Revenue Officer,

“…as a fast-growing company, we are always looking to turbo boost our efforts in any way possible. I contacted Aaron – and about four weeks later we had already hired our first prospectors and had a project with Aaron going. His techniques are sound, filled with common sense, and can be implemented *immediately.* In fact – part of Aaron’s training included starting to send live prospecting e-mails literally three hours into the course. It has been about a year, and we have just hired our twentieth prospector, and we plan to double the size of the team again over the next 18 months. It is one of the single best investments we have made to date. I would recommend Aaron to any organization looking to experience break out results!” (Deloitte’s 2013 #1 fastest growing private company in North America) Tim Bertrand

VP Worldwide Sales, Acquia

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can We Hire You For Training?” – Yes.
We’re frequently surprised at how many people reach out with a note like “I just read and loved your book, do you consult, could we find out about working with you?” So we thought we’d make this simple: Yes. Aaron Ross and his team help clients with: a) Consulting projects to help companies build outbound prospecting programs and teams (Get Started/Learn More), and b) Outsourced outbound prospecting programs …usually as a way to get started campaigning an learning quickly, before building an internal team (Get Started/Learn More), and c) Predictable Revenue Certifications of SDRs, salespeople and account managers that need to proactively generate appointments. Example Client: Wpromote Drives 100% Year-Over-Year Outbound Sales Growth
Matt, We’re Not Fans Of “Consultants” Either
“In the past, we tended to avoid consultants in general… they all try to fit you in a box. With Aaron, he is different, he actually listens to you. He may start out with one position and throughout the conversation as more information is provided, he will change his approach. It is not because he is flip-flopping. He is actually adapting, taking all of the information in, and choosing the best way to move forward.” –Matt Perez, COO of Nearsoft.   We’re not fans of consultants either, for many of the same reasons. This is why we only work with a small number of longer-term clients at a time, with people we like & trust, and who we get to know really well. And that means we can make a huge difference in sales with you.
Best In The World?
Our speciality is helping companies build outbound prospecting teams that give companies control over how many qualified leads they generate…and thus control over their revenue growth. We’re the best in the world in what we do. We regularly see our clients triple or more the rate of qualified pipeline (and thus new customer revenue) being generated. We have multiple clients that have – each – added or will add more than $100 million in incremental revenue, grown 10x, and have gone or will go public using our frameworks. It’s one reason that we don’t have many detailed revenue-based case studies to publish on our website (yet), because the results were so significant they don’t want others to know their secrets.
Types Of Clients
IPO Track, Maximum Growth: we have helped companies that already have $10-$100 million in revenue speed up growth even faster, including, Responsys (grew revenue 10x from $20m – $200m) and Acquia (case study coming). We guided the creation and scaling of prospecting teams that boosted new sales revenue 60%-200%, and either added or are on track to add an extra $100 million or more in revenue in five years, sometimes being the main sales growth engine that enabled an IPO. Contact us to find out about the best way we can help, which may be a straight training project, or perhaps could include equity or a % of results, depending on how active and long you want us and Aaron to be involved. Measured Growth: Companies that have at least about $1 million in sales and usually $5-$50 million, trying to grow faster, but needing to be cautious with headcounts and budgets. Our most popular program is a 60-day program focused on email-based prospecting, with an onsite in the middle. Early stage (seed funded/cashflow generating): You may be under $1 million or just over, and trying to get your head around your sales model and how to do outbound prospecting / lead generation. We have a popular month-to-month retainer program.
If You Want To Get It Right The First Time

We’re proud that many companies can ‘do it yourself’ with all the step-by-step guidance we have in the book and on this website. There’s one main reason some companies go and actually hire us: they want to grow much faster, with more predictability – and get it right faster & the first time. Here are some common situations of clients who hire us: Want an extra boost over just inbound leads: With another way to create scalable, predictable growth. Growing your mid-market and enterprise business: where inbound lead generation is harder. Moving from organic growth to proactive growth: And you’re unsure about the best leadgen or sales model to take to transition fast. Here are a few questions that we help clients work through:

  • Where’s the best place to begin, and what’s the plan?
  • What do we need to get started?
  • What if our deal sizes are small, only a few thousand dollars?
  • How do we generate the most revenue from outbound as possible?
  • We have a few lines of business or places we can start. How do we identify the best target market to begin with?
  • Should we use How do we get the most from our sales automation system?
  • Who should we hire first, second and third, and how?
  • What kind of emails should we send? Phone calls do we make?
  • What do we do if we can’t get people to respond to our emails or phone calls?
  • What do we do when we do get email responses?
  • How can we raise our deal size? Especially to more than $10,000 per customer?
  • How exactly should our sales roles be specialized as of today? And people measured and comp’d?
  • How do we qualify leads, and when do we pass them to closers/Account Executives?
  • And much more…
Why Our Clients Succeed
To have the energy to achieve ‘escape velocity’ – the initiative you want our help with, such as building an outbound team, must be a top priority to your leadership (If you don’t have this yet, sharing Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect is a great first article to circulate around your team, or buy a batch of books to hand out).   Also, we only work with companies who: Treat employees as human beings deserving respect and support, not as replaceable, low-value resources. Are coachable and open to new ideas. Accept that get-rich-quick schemes don’t work; enormous gains take commitment and patience.
You Must Be Excited
You could be a good fit if you have read our material and are excited to talk and work with us, to get help from us. We have worked with quite a variety of companies on many kinds of projects, and there’s one common theme with the best-performing clients: their teams (including the CEO / president) must be excited about the Predictable Revenue model and also excited to get help from us translating it into reality. As Aaron says: “If the CEO doesn’t buy into a change/new strategy, it won’t stick.” Without your team’s energy and enthusiasm at the start, there won’t be enough gas to get out of the driveway in making the kinds of changes we may advocate on topics like specialization, compensation, positioning/messaging, people, etc.
How Much Does It Cost? How Long Does It Take?
If you’re starting from scratch and need to hire prospectors, expect it to take 4-6 months to build a team that’s consistently generating quality leads.  If you don’t need to “Nail A Niche.” And then to see regular revenue, add your sales cycle length on top of that. If you haven’t Nailed A Niche yet, 9-12 months is a fair time to expect. See here for a rough ROI on the extra revenue you can add with a dedicated prospecting team. While few companies will see results like our past client Responsys, which went with our framework from $20m (with flat growth) to $200m in revenue in five years, going public along the way at almost a billion dollar valuation, and then was bought for Oracle for $1.5 billion, you will see a dramatic increase in revenue. We have a variety of programs to fit where you are. Our most popular ones range from $30k-$55, and it ranges up to more hands-on $250k+ programs for companies who want to add at least $5m-$10m in extra revenue in a couple of years, and/or get on track to go public. (Travel is extra when on-sites are involved). For services or special situations we often begin with a 30 day assessment + onsite, which can be $15k-$30k depending on scope and location.  
Questions? How Can We Help You?
The best way to find out if we can help is to fill out our Get Started form and someone will reach out to you for a follow up discussion.   If you’re a fan looking for free guidance, we’d love to hear from you and are happy to help point you in the right direction, but we expect 1) that you already are familiar with Aaron’s story and the material in our book or website, especially our Triple Guide (which also includes a link to a free sample of the book), and 2) we only respond to people who are polite, respectful and patient. We look forward to getting to know you! The Predictable Revenue Team

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