In this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, hosts Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross welcome a very special guest: Mike Stankus, Senior Vice President of Special Projects at Boston’s Acquia software.

Mike, who leads Acquia’s global BDR team, is a veteran technology sales executive with 30 years’ experience growing large-scale sales and account management teams, as well as designing global go-to-market product strategies. Mike’s done it all.

In this episode, Collin, Aaron and Mike have a wide-ranging talk about how Mike’s team became early adopters of the Predictable Revenue methodology, having real conversations with prospects and the importance of establishing a solid sales foundation for BDRs.

Highlights include: Mike’s belief in making phone calls for outbound sales teams ([10:00]), Acquia’s KPIs and doubling BDR pipeline output in a year ([13:00]), the career arc for an Acquia BDR ([18:40]), the four pillars of Acquia’s BDR program ([24:26]) and Mike’s passion project “Linking Sales Leaders” ([42:08]).

Read the full interview here: Acquia’s Mike Stankus on picking up the phone, learning to talk to executives and ensuring BDRs get ‘results in the business world’