Aaron Ross Speaking

Aaron’s ideas help companies of all kinds learn why they aren’t growing as fast as they want, how to grow faster, and how to make growth sustainable/scalable. Attendees walk away with specific ideas & actions they can begin implementing the next day to begin increasing sales & revenue.

Keynote 1: “Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue”

There is a reason Predictable Revenue is called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”… the ideas in it and the followup From Impossible book have changed how companies scale sales.  Find out the fatal mistakes revenue executives make and how to drive repeatable growth…
  • 3 fatal mistakes CEOs & revenue leaders make
  • How to build a sales machine that can triple your growth rate
  • Why salespeople shouldn’t prospect (read more about this unconventional concept here)
  • How to hire and grow the best kinds of salespeople

Keynote 2: “The Playbook To (Re)Igniting Growth” 

The world’s economies aren’t going to recover anytime soon. There’s more risk – and opportunity – than ever before.  How can a business pivot, survive and thrive?   Based on the very newest material in the 2nd Edition of From Impossible To Inevitable, Aaron Ross dives into the surprisingly few big levers that ignite – or stifle – growth. Based on lessons learned from some of the worlds fastest growing companies, including:
  • How to create predictable, scalable sales revenue
  • The three types of leads
  • How $3B Investor Sagemount Triples Company Valuations In Three Years
  • How Twilio Nailed A Billion Dollar Niche
  • 3 Uncommon Practices of Hypergrowth CMOs

Keynote 3: “10 Kids, $10 Million, 10 Years”

How do you be a better parent while making more money?   Aaron Ross went from being alone to a happily married dad of 10, and Co-CEO of a growing business. 

  • Two kinds of wealth
  • The value of constraints
  • The one technique that most powered his business and personal growth
  • How to apply Forcing Functions in your life or team

Keynote 4: “Outbound Sales Mistakes Even Smart Leaders Make”

How can you best design an outbound team to create the best quality of work and results…consistent output, larger deals that close, satisfied SDR/BDRs and salespeople and accurate executive metrics?  After training, advising and conducting Assessments of innumerable outbound prospecting teams, Aaron shares the common mistakes and suggestion solutions in areas such as compensation, territories/segmentation, metrics, management and role design.

  • Research reports say 75% of SDR teams make this fundamental and fatal role mistake
  • The pros and cons of three choices a company can make in setting up a new outbound team 
  • The one metric and process step teams need to add / change to improve the accuracy and consistency of dashboards

  • Why Salesperson-SDR relationships are under-invested in, and how to better define and nurture this key area that’s overlooked

  •  All about minimum deal size requirements for compensation, which MUST be in place


    Aaron Ross Bio

    Short Bio

    AARON ROSS is the co-author of From Impossible To Inevitable (with Jason Lemkin) the #1 SaaS book according to BookAuthority, and of Predictable Revenue (called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”) about sales systems that helped Salesforce.com, Twilio, Zuora and other companies create billions. Aaron is married with 10 children (half through adoption), and lives in Edinburgh, UK. He’s Co-CEO of PredictableRevenue.com and global keynote speaker.  Aaron is on the boards of VisualizeROI, a 100% YoY growth SaaS company, and of Nuvini, a company acquiring dozens of SaaS companies in Brazil into a $100m ARR company.  For the latest see his LinkedIn.

    Extra Bio Facts

    Aaron was also an EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) at Alloy Ventures, a $1 billion venture capital firm. Aaron was CEO of LeaseExchange, an online equipment leasing marketplace.  He graduated from Stanford University, and is an ex-Ironman triathlete and graduate of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

    Speaker Fee & Travel

    Travels from:  Edinburgh, UK (EDI)

    Speaker’s fee range: $10,000 – $60,000 depending on scope, distance, etc.

    See the newest book and  with Jason Lemkin (CEO, SaaStr), called by CEOs “the best business book they’ve ever read”, and ranked one of the top 10 startup books of all time by BookAuthority:
    FROM IMPOSSIBLE TO INEVITABLE: How SaaS and Other Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue

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