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Sales & Scale: Try Not To Suck

A workshop series for founders, entrepreneurs, revenue leaders & sales dev enthusiasts 

Live  • June 24, July 29, Aug 26 & Sep 30



Each workshop will be a deep dive into a specific element of outbound sales development

Thursday, june 24
11:00 AM PT
How To Not Suck At Your Elevator Pitch

You have a great product with all the latest integrations. In fact, you’ve even won awards. But then you get asked that dreaded question, “So what does your company do?”

You say something that sounds like it means something, but the response you get is a glazed over look. Even worse, everyone on your team says something different and it’s affecting your demos, cold outreach, and your company image. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

1. The mindset shift for your team to deliver authentic and differentiated messaging

2. The Superhero Positioning Strategy™ to define your place in the market

3. The Que PASA Elevator Pitch™ formula with real examples

Thursday, july 29
11:00 AM PT
How To Not Suck At Personalizing Cold Emails

You’re trying to crack into that strategic account. You know you shouldn’t tick them off with a mass blast email, but you also don’t know exactly what to say to personalize it either.

“Should I mention their latest LinkedIn post? Should I talk about their love for dogs? Do I scrap it all and hit them with case studies?”

Sending a good personalized cold email is hard. Personalizing emails at scale is even harder.

If you want to not suck at these two things, this is the webinar for you. You’ll learn:

1. The Superhero Positioning Strategy™ and Que PASA Pitch™  formula to develop your core message.

2. The 7-step framework for not sucky personalized outreach.

3. Walkthroughs of successful personalized emails with screenshots and breakdowns.

And more!

thursday, August 26
11:00 AM pt
How To Not Suck At Demo Calls

The harsh reality is that most SaaS demos take up way too much time, are way too technical, and are so boring that the prospect is actually checking their email and politely nodding along the entire time.

It’s why so many calls end with a “We’ll talk internally and get back to you”, and if they do actually get back, they haggle you on pricing and feature-shop you against competitors.

There is a better way.

In this live workshop, you’ll learn:

1. Why most demos fall flat

2. Advanced discovery questions to know if they are truly serious about buying from you.

3. How to navigate multiple stakeholders on a single call

4. The call flow and structure for a perfect demo

thursday, september 30
11:00 AM pt
Sales Presentations That Don’t Suck 

You got the lead to book a meeting — hooray! You get on a demo and showcase your pitch deck. It’s beautifully designed, it covers all the right product features, it even has that amazing customer testimonial…and then your prospect says:

“Thanks. We’ll think about it and get back to you.”

But they don’t follow up, and the opportunity dies on the vine.

 You need a pitch and presentation that do your business justice – something beyond a collection of features. Something that makes people beg you to give you their money.

 In this session you’ll learn:

1. Why your demo is only 50% effective without a presentation.

2. Why most presentations (when they are used) fall short in the first 60 seconds.

3. The step-by-step presentation method to make your buyers fall in love with you and make you instantly forwardable with their internal team.

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