328: The Beginner’s Playbook for Sales Managers with Gretchen Gordon

328: The Beginner's Playbook for Sales Managers with Gretchen Gordon

For this insightful episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, we’re diving into a topic that doesn’t get enough attention but is crucial in the world of sales – the transition from being a top-performing salesperson to stepping into the shoes of a sales manager.

Our host, Collin Stewart, is joined by Gretchen Gordon, the author of “The Happy Sales Manager” and the founder of Braveheart Sales Performance, to unravel the complexities and challenges of this significant career shift.

Highlights include: What Do I Need to Pay Attention To As A New Sales Leader? (5:10), How to Organize Rebuilding Your Sales Process? (13:35), What Are The Required Skills To Coach? (19:01), Understanding Motivation (31:00), and more…

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