304: Adapting to Market Dynamics with Matt Green

304: Adapting to Market Dynamics with Matt Green

We’re thrilled to explore the intriguing story of Sales Assembly and its founder, Matt Green. What sets Sales Assembly apart?

As the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Matt continues to work as an Account Executive (AE) within his company. Let’s uncover the motivations behind this unconventional choice and discover the insights it brings to Sales Assembly’s sales motion.

Highlights include: Holding on to the AE role as a Founder and CRO (2:00), The Benefit of Having a Very Specific ICP (4:10), Why Not Use BDRs When You Train BDRs (8:20), AI’s not about Replacement, It’s About Augmentation (20:00), Specializing Sales Roles (25:12), and much more.

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