Outbound Sales Experiments

Keep up with the newest and most effective outbound sales development tactics

Outbound Labs was launched to ensure we are keeping up with the newest and most effective sales development tactics.

Adopting a scientific approach, we’ve launched more than 70 experiments, focusing on everything, from improving deliverability to booking more meetings. Our mission is to leave no sales stone unturned… or untested.

Throughout this time, we’ve uncovered some convincing and surprising results.

In the video above, we share the most relevant results with you, answering one key question in each experiment.


Experiment #1: Does unique copy in your emails have an impact on deliverability?

Experiment #2: Does volume impact email deliverability?

Experiment #3: Is there a more efficient way to convert warm leads into meetings?

Experiment #4: How can we send fewer emails and increase our response rates?

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