Pharmacy Stars approaching $1 Million with Serviced LinkedIn Outbound

Pharmacy Stars, helmed by Co-Founders, Keith and Susan Streckenbach, is a successful client of Predictable Revenue’s Serviced LinkedIn Outbound (SLO) program. 


Pharmacy Stars provides the only cloud-based software for enterprise pharmacy regulatory compliance across the United States.

Keith needed help with top of funnel. Pharmacy Stars is a small organization, and Keith didn’t have the resources to find, hire, train, and manage an SDR, let alone validate repeatable targeting and messaging, document it, and have that SDR execute against it. Predictable Revenue took all that on, and then some. Patricia Simms, a Senior Account Strategist at Predictable Revenue honed Pharmacy Stars’ targeting, crafted specific messaging for each potential buyer persona, executed on the outreach, follow-up and appointment setting, and created a steady flow of quality opportunities for Pharmacy Stars, many of which are on track to close. “[The outreach] is going to be fruitful for us. At the end of the day, we will have a massive ROI, once we close even one of these deals. And many are progressing exactly like the deals we expect to close.”

There was nothing bad about the delivery, the service…Patricia 20/10, she’s fantastic.


Before turning to Predictable Revenue, Pharmacy Stars had a couple of the elements key to a successful business development program in place. Still, Keith wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. They had their product offering anchored in a clear ideal customer profile. They had over four hundred customers, a handful of great testimonials, and the marketing team had created all the collateral an SDR could need to succeed. But they didn’t have a dedicated person, or clear process to take full advantage of these resources. Opportunities past and present were a result of “sporadic SDR work by [Keith himself], which was one contributor but a low contributor,” or thanks to the team’s follow up with participants of educational webinars put on by the marketing team. 

Keith Streckenbach  

Co-Founder @Pharmacy Stars   


“Didn’t have the labour. Didn’t want to take the time, money, effort to train and maintain them. That was the number one problem. Number two was coming up with a good script.”

Susan Streckenbach  

Co-Founder @Pharmacy Stars   



“The problem, at the highest level, is that we needed more deals coming through our pipeline.”  Pharmacy Stars is a small organization. Keith and Susan didn’t want to take the time to look for, hire, and then train someone to perform the SDR function and generate new business. Keith needed to focus on closing deals, after all. And since Pharmacy Stars had never had someone dedicated to the SDR role (all of the prospecting had been done ad hoc), there was no formal program or playbook in place. This made crafting effective scripts and documenting them, let alone scaling them, a difficult task.

“We are able to continue focusing on our customer support…building additional tools for our customers without having to worry about driving new leads into the pipeline.”


We tackled the Streckenbach’s biggest challenges head-on. Patricia Simms, a Senior Account Strategist at Predictable Revenue took the reins as sequence designer, messaging crafter, market fit expert, account manager and SDR for Pharmacy Stars. That was really solving that issue of having the hire, train, supervise doing the work

She started by diving deep into their ideal customer profile and breaking it down by the personas they were targeting and the value propositions that resonated most with each of them. Patricia then leveraged this information for both targeting and messaging. While Pharmacy Stars already had their ICP dialed, Keith remembers that “the process of storyboarding where [Patricia] laid out the personas and looked at the drivers for each persona…that was logical, it made sense, it was good.” “We liked it,” he said. “We thought it did a really nice job of honing in. Keith describes the process of the persona breakdown, the examination of the drivers behind each, and crafting relevant messaging as “enlightening.” 

Patricia then began prospecting through Susan Streckenbach’s (co-founder and COO of Pharmacy Stars’) LinkedIn account. Again, Susan liked the streamlined nature of the process. Setting up LinkedIn, since we already had Sales Nav, just shifting it to the account that was being used, that was easy, straightforward.

“Then the two weeks check-ins were always…well I mean, everything is good.Patricia continued to touch base with Keith and Susan every couple of weeks to keep them apprised of what was working and what wasn’t, how she was continuing to test, iterate, and optimise the LinkedIn campaigns, and so the two of them could discuss the quality of the meetings being booked for Keith. 

Keith explains that a big selling point of the SLO program was its shared-risk pricing:

“That was one that I could basically sell to my partner as a good way to get into this because I limited our exposure on our fixed cost, even though our variable cost got higher, at least it was tied to delivered results. So a little less leap of faith.” 


In Keith’s words, SLO is “doing exactly what [he] wanted.” While Pharmacy Stars is no longer doing any active outreach or inbound marketing, they are still building their pipeline at a steady pace. As a result of the meetings that Patricia has booked for Keith, Pharmacy Stars has dozens of opportunities with proposals out, and is on track to close “approaching $1 million in contracts.” And with driving new business taken care of, Susan, Keith and their  team can focus on what is truly important: customer support and building additional tools for Pharmacy Stars’ customers. “We are able to continue focusing on our customer support…building additional tools for our customers without having to worry about driving new leads into the pipeline.” 

SLO brought another, more unexpected impact to Pharmacy Stars as well. Prior to their engagement with Predictable Revenue, Susan was not particularly active on LinkedIn. But since Patricia began prospecting using her account, her LinkedIn connections have “increased, if not ten-fold, then more…which is fantastic. It’s building her brand, it’s building our brand. That’s a by-product of the effort.” 

Dozens Of Opportunities with Proposals out and on track to close

approaching $1 Million

In Contracts

want the same results as pharmacy stars?