How Predictable Revenue’s Coaching Engagement Helped FLiiP Generate $675,000 in Pipeline

David Bourbonnière is the CEO and Founder of FLiiP and the point of contact for the Outbound Consultation with Predictable Revenue.

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FliiP is a gym management software made by gym owners for gym owners to help them grow their revenue and save on management time. 

David Bourbonnière is the CEO and Founder of FLiiP, a business software for gyms, fitness studios, and training centers. When we first met David, he was managing his sales team, building a pretty good outbound pipeline, and managing the million other things a founder/CEO has to do.

He recognized that what got him there wasn’t going to get him to his next revenue goal, so he was looking for a way to build a strong process around his outbound engine. 

He was given our book, Predictable Revenue, by his mentor Dan Martell and was curious to see how we could help. While they were achieving some pretty impressive results manually, they wanted to build something that could scale and enable them to really ramp up hiring in the next 2 years. 

David decided to work with our sales development coaching team because he had some big goals to hit and wanted our guidance to ensure they didn’t get thrown off track by any roadblocks.

Our team did a deep dive into their ICP, current process and tool stack, and goals for the next 24 months. We reworked Fliip’s sales development playbook around a style that would enable them to hit the targets they needed; this included: 

  • Added clarity to their ICP 
  • Reworking their core messaging
  • Implement new sequences
  • Built new call scripts
  • Built new core messaging 
  • Created an objection-handling process
  • Created a process for hiring and onboarding new SDRs 

The messaging deep dive resulted in a better understanding of their ideal customer profile, which helped create better sequences and resulted in an improvement to their overall prospect conversion ratio. 

“I’m often disappointed by the service I receive from partners we work with, companies who promise the world and don’t deliver. Predictable Revenue was the opposite.” – David Bourbonnière

On the hiring front, with new job descriptions and a standardized interview process, David hired a strong SDR and manager. The first SDR is already ramped up and productive, and they’re on their way to hiring a second.

David says the new job description has made a big difference in the quality of candidates, and they feel well-positioned to attract the right person for the role.

I’m really confident in our system now that we could hire more SDRs and meet our goals within a few weeks.

Our team worked with David to establish a hiring process for new SDRs. Our coaches sat in on interviews with potential candidates, conducted role-play exercises, and helped design the team structure and compensation plan. 

The results speak for themselves; with the new processes, tools, and messaging, the FLiiP team booked 45 demos in just two months. This represents $675k in pipeline. Most importantly, their team now has the systems in place to repeat and scale that success, generating predictable revenue month after month.

After working with the Predictable Revenue coaches, David feels confident in their outbound systems and can’t wait to grow the team. Already their outbound function has grown from just the CEO to an SDR, sales manager, and a second SDR soon to be hired.

We’ll leave David the final word:

I’m often disappointed by the service I receive from partners we work with, companies who promise the world and don’t deliver. Predictable Revenue was the opposite. This was the best investment I could have made in our outbound systems.

Better understanding of their ICP

Improved prospect conversion ratio

Strong hires for their sales development team

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