How Predictable Revenue Helped the Bregal Sagemount Portfolio Increase its Opportunities By 10X

How Predictable Revenue Helped the Bregal Sagemount Portfolio Increase its Opportunities By 10X

Part of their magic comes from the Growth Factors team where each member has built and scaled multiple sales teams to record breaking sales growth and eventual business exit.

If there is one thing – one critical, utterly unavoidable thing – that ties all growth minded companies together regardless of size, revenue or vertical it’s a need for leads.

Targeted, qualified, ready-to-talk leads.

The fast-growing portfolio companies of Bregal Sagemount, a $2 billion private equity firm based in new York City, are no exception to this rule.

In fact, with an ever-growing roster of investments in soon-to-be vertical-defining SaaS companies of all stripes, the need for consistent outbound leads for the Bregal Sagemount portfolio is crucial. The goal is an ambitious one: triple digit revenue growth for each of their portfolio companies.

Bregal Sagemount needs its portfolio companies to grow, and they need them to grow now.  Headed by Curt Witte, their Growth Factors team embeds a small team into each of their companies to bring best practices, proven vendors, and an unrelenting drive to push each other to grow faster.

They turned to Predictable Revenue’s Accelerate team because we could drive results quickly without them having to invest in standing up a large SDR team.

Within just three months of Bregal Sagemount and Predictable Revenue working together, those impressive targets have already been hit. Predictable Revenue not only delivers on aggressive growth targets, but produces them immediately.

For example, MOBI, a Bregal Sagemount portfolio company focused on centralizing wireless mobility programs for enterprise clients, has already seen a 10X jump in booked meetings with Predictable Revenue.

“The team was booking between 3 to 5 meetings per month before Predictable Revenue. Now, we’re over 30,” says Brian Wilson, Portfolio Operations Associate at Bregal Sagemount.

“And we did that in the first 90 days. It was a pretty tight timeframe. It was awesome.”

“To date, they’ve booked 43 opportunities for MOBI. But, wait, it gets better. MOBI sells to the enterprise – each of these opportunities is worth at least $250,000 per year.”

“Most deals are early stage, but some have already made it to proposal,” adds Wilson.

“We’re hoping to see revenue from those shortly.”

And the impact from Predictable Revenue hasn’t stopped there. Predictable Revenue’s expert Account Strategists have worked closely with the Bregal Sagemount team to share best practices, continuously expand and adjust outbound programs, and respond to the needs of their clients whenever called upon.

“The iterative nature of working with Predictable Revenue to continuously improve the nature of the outbound contacts that are made has been terrific,” says Witte.

“We’ve seen tremendous results.”

And for the future? Well, Bregal Sagemount is banking on more of the same. Predictable Revenue is already working Connectria, RDX, & MOBI, and Bregal Sagemount plans to have each of its 20 portfolio companies partner with Predictable Revenue for its sales development function.

After all, growth minded companies always need leads. And that’s what Predictable Revenue does.

“We are super excited and super grateful to be partnered with Collin [Stewart] and Meena [Sandhu] and all of the folks at Predictable Revenue that we work with that generate huge results for our portfolio companies,” says Casey Kerr,

“We can’t say enough good things about Predictable Revenue. We are now scaling it to all 20 of our companies and making it a best practice.”





 Jump in monthly booked meetings, from 3 to more than 30, for Bregal Sagemount portfolio company, MOBI

Enterprise opportunities, each valued a minimum of $250,000 per year, in the MOBI pipeline


Portfolio companies implementing Predictable Revenue as an outbound sales best practice.


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