Top 5 PowerPoint Templates For Sales Presentations

Nov 8, 2021
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Often presenters confuse a sales presentation for a mere list of facts or figures. Most people end up creating an ordinary sales presentation that attempts to charm the target audience with little to no personalization. These presentations often miss delivering real value. That is why most sales presentations fail to make a mark!

It is a well-thought, effective sales presentation that fosters a compelling story and highlights your brand’s value proposition while bridging the gap between your product and the audience’s problem that need solving. Whether the goal is to inform, educate or inspire, a well-devised sales presentation goes much beyond a mere ordinary collection of slides and casts a positive perception of you in the client’s mind.

5 PowerPoint Templates For Sales Presentations

In today’s post, we will list out some of the most astonishing & ready-to-use sales templates that can help you woo the audience and close deals like never before. Don’t forget to personalize the slides to your audience before presenting:

1. Lead Nurturing PowerPoint Diagram


The popular Lead Nurturing sales template allows you to create a captivating presentation in no time! The high-quality, corporate-grade funnel diagrams can help you simplify and visualize the way that your company supports the  sales nurture & conversion process. The template enables you to provide a birds’ eye view of business processes such as marketing, sales & revenue. 

Presenters can leverage the diagram, customize it 100% to showcase sales processes such as upselling & cross-selling. The 2-slide template is available in dark and light themes for users, effectively allowing them to capture their audiences’ attention.

2. Sales Manager PowerPoint Dashboard

sales manager powerpoint dashboard

Leverage data-driven dashboards and display critical, decision-making Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the help of the Sales Manager PowerPoint Dashboard template. Presenters can efficiently accommodate professional insights into their slides by focusing on crafting quality content and not worrying about the slide design.

The template features absolute customization and allows presenters to track sales, showcase data geographically, perform business analysis, identify questionable areas, and filter data through custom sorting functions. Moreover, you can even derive data and other KPI inputs from excel and transform raw data into meaningful visuals.

3. Sales Pitch Presentation Template

sales pitch presentation template

The 14-slide, general-purpose Sales Pitch template is a popular choice for your go-to sales presentation needs. The template has been carefully designed to cover all aspects of a sales meeting. You can use this readymade slide to project quarterly sales reviews, sales reports, highlight the company’s financials such as revenue, net profit, EPS & much more.

The template comes pre-packed with slide diagrams & backgrounds that assist you to sharpen your sales pitch. Hence, you can cast a holistic view of your company and aid your audience’s decision-making. Presenters can also throw light on critical business processes such as supply, demand, management, and operations.

4. Five Year Transformation Map Template for PowerPoint

Five year transformation map template powerpoint

Bring transparency to your company’s business transformation strategy by leveraging the Five Year Transformation Map template. With this template, presenters can gather information, including historical data, and then project economic trends within the industry. You can also showcase potential market changes over the next five years and how your business is ready to adapt to those market changes.

Presenters can showcase the current and future state by drawing a plot between KPIs and fiscal years on either of the graph’s axes. Hence, sales managers can effectively alter or devise new business strategies to digest the market changes and stay ahead of the competition.

5. Flat Design PowerPoint Funnel Diagram

Flat design powerpoint funnel diagram

Showcase how prospects became qualified leads with the help of the Flat Design Funnel template. A blend of modern graphics and high-grade business design, the 3-slide template is your perfect choice for visualizing the sales process. Presenters can upgrade their sales presentation and provide a visual, at-a-glance summary of the sales process to the audience.

Using funnel charts is an effective way to illustrate different stages within linear, connected or sequential business processes. With this template, presenters can summarize business data, identify weak points, plot data relationships and analyze the rate at which leads are converted to sales! 

Wrapping It Up:

While many say that sales powerpoint templates are dead, by making use of an ideal sales presentation, you can set a positive tone for conversations with the leads and foster a memorable relationship with them. But don’t forget personalization! Talk about the audiences’ problems, provide them what value your solution brings to their pain points.

The above-mentioned sales presentation templates allow you to create breathtaking sales presentations with pixel-perfect visuals, high-grade typography, and business-friendly slide animations and elements. Leverage 100% customization of slides and effectively present to your target audience like a boss, today!

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