Must-Have SaaS Tools for Small Sized Businesses

Jun 14, 2021
Author: collin stewart

As the world is changing at a fast pace, the use of business-related software has increased. SaaS tools provide an excellent opportunity for small-size businesses to promote their efforts and improve the workflows.

Today, the SaaS tools market is highly diverse. Mostly, all SaaS tools available in the market are equipped with robust and practical features and functionalities. Finding the best fitting SaaS tool can be a complicated task. So before evaluating your options, decide which part of your organization is in the great need of these tools.

The following must-have SaaS tools are divided into five categories: project management, human resources management, sales and marketing, and accounting. These can help you create an outline of what you actually need.

Project Management


Honeybook is a web-based project management software that improves team collaboration. It helps your team stay organized and coordinated in every stage of project management. With file sharing, to-do-lists, scheduling, and calendaring, Honeybook provides all the requirements that are expected from any collaboration tools.
It’s not explicitly designed for a particular industry though: it can serve any small businesses that need to manage their teams and enhance collaboration and productivity in their organizations.

Bit-ai is a modern knowledge management tool that helps teams organize their work in all areas, such as creating, integrating, searching, and sharing knowledge.
It also enables them to have real-time collaboration across workflows, keeping team members and clients on the same page.
Bit helps you systemize all the work in your organization related to projects, clients, teams, and other workflow. The tool also allows team members to edit workspaces to keep everyone informed about the updates, essential documents, and other resources. This way, everyone can easily share knowledge.
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Human Resources Management

JotForm PDF Editor

JotForm is a user-friendly and convenient tool that turns form responses, invoices, and contracts to professional and secure PDF documents. By using it, users can share their documents without being concerned about manually turning them to PDF. This will therefore dramatically facilitate their workflows.
The software also provides more than 500 stylish and ready-to-use PDF templates. Using these, you can promptly prepare contracts, event registrations, and other documents without wasting time on formatting.
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BambooHR is one of the cloud-based HR management tools that facilitates all the processes related to employee search. Since it features a human resource information system, tracking systems, payroll processing, and advanced reporting system, it’s an ideal HR tool for small and growing businesses.
The software also improves hiring processes in the organization. It helps businesses add new job offers, directly share them across well-known job borders, and manage job applications once they’re submitted. You can just create the job offer with proposal templates, and use BambooHR for managing the rest.
Additionally, it can help you maintain and analyze your employees’ data and improve your company culture.

SaaS Tools

Sales and Marketing


HubSpot is a content management software that provides all the necessary tools for creating a powerful website. It’s a popular marketing tool that helps you generate more traffic to your website, convert more visitors to customers, and grow your business.

You can also use the HubSpot tool to create and edit your blog posts, track interactions with prospects and clients, and manage deals or customer information.
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As a CRM tool, Pipedrive web-based software helps businesses organize their pipelines and plans for sales and deals. This tool facilitates whatever it takes to make a potential deal.

Pipedrive has a powerful interface that precisely showcases every stage of deal processes. This helps you understand what action you should take for the next step. Its sales reporting feature also enables you to control and measure staff performance, evaluate sales data, and create analytical reports.
Being a cloud-based software, Pipedrive is accessible from everywhere through web browsers or mobile browser applications.

Zoho social

Zoho Social is a tool that helps businesses manage their social media channels, and reach the right customers at the right time.

No doubt, being present and active in popular social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram helps you introduce your business brand to a broad audience. With Zoho Social, you can publish your business content through various social networks, engage with the right users at the proper timing, and stay informed about the audiences’ expectations.
It also provides you with data analytics that helps you calculate and promote your performance.


Customization, collaboration, and reporting are the main capacities provided by this helpdesk system. It’s a customer support tool that unifies customer reviews, comments and conversations from chats, web, or emails. It helps businesses resolve any issues and problems. Freshdesk also allows you to digitize workflows, provide more self-service possibilities, and create report documents.

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sales and marketing



Xero is an accounting tool designed for small-sized and growing businesses. It supports all the financial elements expected from any accounting software: sales, payroll, expenses, and purchases.
It features a robust system that allows you to monitor cash flows and manage fixed assets and transactions. The solution also helps you keep track of your company expenses for you to be informed about how much money was paid for business materials.


Freshbooks is a great accounting software for small businesses which counts every minute spent on tasks and facilitates the client invoicing process.
With Freshbooks, you can prepare more professional-looking and accurate client invoices and expedite the payroll processing. Additionally, the software can be integrated with various third-party applications such as PayPal, Shopify, and G Suite, helping you save more time. It also features team collaboration tools and double-entry accounting.

Bottom Line

Thanks to the modern world, there are more business-related apps and SaaS tools at our disposal. Small Businesses should take this opportunity and grow themselves. Of course, many more tools and services are there for businesses, but these SaaS tools are admittedly the most useful and essential ones.

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