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Transform Your Mindset For Sales

Aug 2, 2021
Author: Robert Workman
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It’s the first day at your new sales position.

You sit at your new naked desk and turn to look out the window into the early morning darkness.

You think, “Life is one hell of a challenging trip. I was successful there. Now I need to be successful here. Let’s go!”

You have a lot to learn ahead of you and wish you had five years’ experience before you make your first call. You consider the things that you know and don’t know about your new business and new company.

On the verge of your very first phone call to a prospect, you feel a little doubt. You wonder, “Can I do it again? Do I have the drive and desire? Do I have the confidence?”

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human.

This growing company needs revenue, i.e. sales, and it needs the most professional rainmakers it can afford.

That’s why they hired you.

You’re brought in to be the new Big Dog.

Now, BE the new Big Dog.

Don’t talk about it. Show it.  Perform.  It’s Showtime.  You’re on.

You see your reflection in the window against the morning darkness outside.

You study it, look into those eyes.  You see inside yourself, reach down into

who you know you are for the answer, and it hits you.

“Hell, yes!” You make the call.

So, what is it that you find when you reach deep down inside yourself?  Under what circumstances or conditions do you do this?  Times of stress or self-doubt certainly come into mind.

The correct answer is, you should always access this internal core of your Self, of your identity, of your personal value placed on you by you and nobody else but you.

Simply put, your single greatest asset is – you.

The problem is, many of us have never been directly exposed to the fact that our assessment of our personal value determines everything that happens to us in our life.

Your self-image is the driving force for everything that you do and everything that happens to you, for better or worse.

It’s a mental picture of yourself that you carry around with you every day of your life.

Every day, you go out and take that picture of yourself into the marketplace. How you see yourself in that picture, how well you leverage that self-image, determines everything else in your life: How you create new beginnings, how you respond to opportunities, how you deal with people, what you do for a living, where you go every day, where you live, where your kids go to school, the car you drive, and the people with whom you associate.

These all come down to the thoughts that occupy your mind about who you are, and then, what you do.  So, if you want to truly tap into and exploit your greatest asset, it is first essential that you know everything there is to know about that person in your mental picture.

Choose to write the single most important essay you may ever write.

It doesn’t have to be long. It can be one paragraph. You owe it to yourself to get it down on paper.

Write who you are, who it is you can call on, who it is you can depend on in any kind of event or adversity, and why you know this about that wonderful person.

How do you consciously know this about yourself?  You work at it.  You sit.  You think.  You write.  You focus on yourself and write down who you are as a person, as a human being.  You write things that will only ever be read by you and nobody else other than you.

I never said it was easy.  Writing isn’t easy.  And writing about yourself isn’t easy either.  Yet.  But success doesn’t come easily, but it comes.  When you work at it.

When you have internalized your identity so you have total confidence in the person you’re calling on, an ironclad belief in who you are and what you can expect from yourself, you make yourself virtually indestructible.

Review your identity daily. Rewrite it often as a work in constant progress. Determine what thoughts you want to change in your mind, and determine how to replace them.

 Then, do it.

And there, in a few hundred words I’ve given you what I implement with people in groups worldwide in a few hours in workshops.  But I have them do the writing.  Right then.  As we listen to Vivaldi.

To help them get off to a positive start writing about themselves, I provide a1ist of 125  positive words to choose from.  This list of positive words is attached for your use here.

So, download it and use it to write your identity.


Do it.  Do it now.  Do it right now.

This is one of the single most valuable things you will ever do for yourself.  Until you do it, you won’t understand.  Once you do, you’ll never stop refining your elevator pitch about – you.

Then, when you see your face in that window on the first day of your new sales position, you’ll recognize that person with a smile and think, “Hell, yes!”

Buona Fortuna!

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