Jan 20, 2020
Author: Angela baker

You would think that unique niches are really tough for marketing but, in fact, a unique niche can also be a huge advantage when it comes to engaging your customers.  Why is that so? Simply because it can be a great competitive advantage in today’s busy business landscape.

Just because what you are selling is unique, it doesn’t mean that it must be hard to find people who would buy it and convince them to do so. Indeed, the biggest drawback of being in a unique niche is figuring out where you stand in the product landscape and how competitive the market is.

However, selling unique products or services can provide you with substantial differentiation which is most likely to be your biggest advantage on the market. Marketing in a unique and tight niche can be more convenient since you have less competition, you can target your audience more easily, and have the possibility to be very straightforward with your marketing techniques.

Yet, make no mistake, while targeting can be quite easy in a niche market, what truly makes it hard to sell is knowing how to engage your audience.


Why selling in a unique niche is hard?

Now, although there are quite a few advantages in selling unique products and it sounds like something everyone can do, it isn’t all milk and honey. There are also a few aspects that make it difficult to be a winner in unique niches.

As mentioned before, perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of unique niches is succeeding in customer engagement. Although customer engagement itself isn’t a complicated science, what makes it difficult when it comes to selling unique products are the specific needs and wants of the targeted audience. 

So, the key to customer engagement is to get really close and personal with your audience in order to know how to attract them. It simply makes sense that if you are planning to sell to an audience that has specific needs, you’d want to get close to it in order to figure what the expectations are. That’s why it is crucial to start digging deeper into demographics and psychographics to learn who and why.

 Conduct a market survey

In order to have the numbers that will help you figure out how to sell, you must conduct a market survey. Although your main goal is to sell that unique product you have, it is essential to find out how many people are interested in buying it and who are those people. Simply put, you may want to find out how sellable your product is before you start creating your marketing strategy.

Your friends or family may have found your business or product idea highly useful, but, make no mistake, you need to ask your audience as well. This will help you get a vivid picture of your them and figure out whether you are doing marketing to one, a dozen, or a thousand customers.

How can you reach consumers? The era of the Internet made it easier than ever for businesses to find out what customers want and need. From connecting with potential customers on social media networks to using online customer insight survey tools, there are many ways in which you can find out the opinions of your audience. 

If you choose to conduct your market research on social media, you need to pay extra attention to choosing the right keywords. If you set up a topic to find out what people think about the unique product or service you are selling, choose the right combination of keywords that will help you get the data you need and exclude the one you don’t. 

Jennifer Eisenberg, a social media marketing specialist at BeGraded explains, “Ensuring the data you’re getting is as detailed as possible when conducting market research on social media comes down to finding the ideal combination of keywords. In order to cast a wide net, you need to be as generic as possible with your search terms and to track additional keywords that revolve around any discussion in relation to the product or service you want to sell. Next, once you understand and clear out the data you get, you can formulate the winning marketing strategy that will engage your target audience.”

 Asses your competition

Before you hurry into pitching the uniqueness to your targeted audience, you may want to dig deeper into the market to find your competition. Since you are working in a unique niche, chances are that you will find very few or even no competitors at all. However, you may want to check this one for yourself before presenting your product or service to the customers as a unique one.

Moreover, perhaps the most important reason why you should research the market for competitors is the fact that it will help you understand your own competitive advantage. Yet, in order to figure out what that is, you need to find out some more aspects about your competitors including their products and services, pricing, reputation, and marketing strategy.

You may also want to take a look at their online reviews and feedback from their customers to asses how did they succeeded in presenting a unique concept to the public and get a positive response in return.

Become approachable

Once you have figured out who your potential customers are and how you can engage them, it is time that you get online for them to be able to find you. Approachability is an essential factor for all businesses but, for unique niches, it is even more crucial because a unique niche feels more personal to the customers so you must aim for a kind of personal engagement.

Since we live in the era of the Internet, you have unlimited options to be approachable for your target audience. From having a website to being present on social media networks or engaging with customers through email, there are numerous channels and tools that you can use for your marketing strategy.

Yet, one essential aspect you must keep in mind is to provide your audience with a sense of identity and belonging that makes them feel exclusive. So, when creating content, keep in mind the specific needs and wants of your target audience. For engaging and comprehensive content, you can use tools such as TopEssayWriting, Grammarly, ClassyEssay, and Hemingway App.  

 Use influencer marketing

In general, people tend to be skeptical about new and innovative ideas at the beginning. Yet, if someone they look up to seems excited about that unique concept and even recommends it, they are more likely to accept the newness and become interested in finding out more about it.

Hiring influencers to expand your unique product’s recognizability is a great way to sell in unique niches because they will have built credibility with their audience over time meaning that customers will be more willing to purchase a product or service even if it’s a new concept for them. So, make a list of those influencers who speak to your target audience and choose those who can help your product have the desired impact.

Although selling a unique product seems challenging as you are addressing to a smaller group of customers, it doesn’t have to be an impediment for you. It takes knowing your audience and understanding its specific needs and wants to engage it with what you are selling.


Angela Baker is a professional writer who is currently working as a freelance writer at Subjecto for professional and personal development. She is constantly looking for the best ways to grow in her career and as a person considering that the best recipe for improvement is constant work to broaden her horizons. Angela also writes for LiveInspiredMagazine where she shares her knowledge and the best writing tips with her audience.