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Traditionally, inbound marketing is seen as the most effective and efficient way to generate sales leads. Although this may be true, many companies are outgrowing what they can achieve with inbound leads and as a result, are moving towards building outbound sales teams.

Adding an outbound sales team has become one of the most popular ways for sales pipeline-constrained companies to generate a steady stream of leads, target new markets and improve their sales pitch.

Why You Need an Outbound Sales Team

One of the biggest dilemmas for companies is finding customers. We all know they’re out there, but finding the right ones for your products or services is often difficult. Marketing can help raise awareness and drive people to your site, but you need another team for targeting potential customers. This is where an Outbound Sales Team comes in. They quickly generate pipeline and proactively reach out to new potential customers, educating those prospects on your product and gaining intel on whether there is actual interest.

When to Kickstart Outbound

If you’re at a juncture wondering if it’s the right time to build an Outbound Sales Team for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your product or service meet the minimum Lifetime Value (LTV)? The LTV usually needs to be at least $10K, otherwise it won’t be profitable.

  2. Have you nailed your niche? The product you’re offering should be clearly defined and easy to understand; this means you’ll need to have your services dialled and know your niche [link to niche article once posted].

  3. Are you unique? Do you have any key differentiators? Within your industry, what sets you apart from every other company like you? When every prospect of yours is contacted by your competitors, why should they go with you over someone else? Once you know the answer, focus on this strength.

  4. Do you have a clear website or landing page for outbound? Other than social media, your website or landing page is often the first point of contact for your potential customers. This is where you can give context to your product. It needs to be crystal clear what pain point your company solves, what differentiates you from your competitors as well as what market(s) you’re targeting. Are you a B2B service or a more general SaaS company that anyone can use? Make it easy for prospects to understand what your company is all about. It’s not likely that someone will reach out to you if they can’t figure out what you do in the first place.

How to Hire Outbound Prospectors

Photo credit: Unsplash

“The three most important criteria I look for in lead generation reps are coachability, curiosity, and prior success. Always, always, always run a role play over the phone as part of the evaluation process.” Mark Roberge SVP of Sales and Services for Hubspot

When hiring an outbound sales team, look for individuals who are experts in your field. They need to know the industry, their role and the pain points of your prospects. If you find individuals who can both understand and solve problems that potential customers will face, this will differentiate them from the crowd and earn trust from within your industry.

By adding an outbound sales team to the mix, your company will be able to break through constrained pipelines to generate a healthy stream of new qualified leads, break into new markets and improve sales pitches. Of course, weigh the pros and cons of adding this value to your business. Once you’ve determined the health of your product or service, nailed your niche [link to niche article once posted] and ensured you have the materials to back everything up, consider an outbound sales team and watch your business grow.

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