Content For Increased Sales Enablement: A User’s Guide

Nov 3, 2020
Author: Katherine Rundell

Sales used to be done face-to-face and was founded on human interaction, but increasingly, customers are turning to digital environments to find a solution to their needs. To thrive in this environment, your business needs to turn to digital marketing and content creation. Content marketing is a valuable way of reaching out to potential customers, but historically this has neglected the essential next step of converting prospects into sales.

How Does Content Affect Sales?

It’s important to note that sales enablement content and marketing content can differ radically in the form they take. Most brands operating in a digital environment are familiar with content marketing now – this type of content generates leads, boosts brand visibility and creates potential customers.

“Sales enablement content is about converting these leads into genuine sales. By dividing your content in this way, you can super-target your content to a specific niche,” says Marty West, educator at State Of Writing and Essayroo. “Every piece of content you publish can be part of the sales funnel that takes potential customers on a journey that ends with a sale.”

Since sales enablement content is a hyper-specific category of content, with the outcome of boosting your sales, you’ll want to know what can constitute this content!

1) One-Pagers

As a condensed overview of the unique benefits of your products, one-pagers are a fantastic selling tool. You can think of this as your products’ resume – it offers potential customers a readable glimpse at the value that your product or service will add to their lives. One-pagers should highlight how your product is specifically targeted at solving a problem your customers are facing.

One-pagers can be sent out to prospective customers who are in the decision-making process, but they also act as a fantastic piece of supplementary material for your sales force. Used in the right pace, this type of content can have a big effect on your sales.

2) Social Content

Your social channels are an integral part of your digital marketing campaign as these platforms offer huge potential reach into untapped markets. But your social channels are also a primary source of interacting with current followers, many of whom are potential customers who haven’t taken the plunge into a purchase.

Engaging these prospects with gripping narrative accounts that demonstrate the value of your brand will boost sales and it’s important to consider this as a proactive strategy. Testimonials are a great example of sales enablement content as they have the power to connect with prospects and convert leads into sales. 

3) Competitor Research Content

In order for your sales team to connect with prospects, they need to understand what the competition is offering – it’s useless to try and operate in a vacuum. By conducting an audit of your competitor’s content you’ll generate an insight into how your industry is connecting with its prospects, and be able to turn towards your customers to provide a better experience.

Competitor research content is internally-facing content that your sales team can draw from to optimize interactions with leads. This type of internal content is a great way of integrating content and training, upskilling your team in a cohesive way.

4) Blogging

Blogs are a great way to bring prospects to your site, captivate them with great content and generate an audience for your brand. However, blogs can also be used to boost sales enablement with a few simple tweaks.

“A blog will often include valuable information about your products and services,” says Marie J. Rice, writer at OXEssays and Paper Fellows. “Turning these into the foundation of your blog, rather than as a brief aside, can let this type of content hinge on your product and boost sales enablement.” Blogs can also be valuable sales material for your team – storing them on the cloud or somewhere equally accessible can give your sales team a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Enabled And Empowered

Sales enablement content can have a dual purpose and be targeted at prospects as well as offering your sales team a valuable piece of additional material from which they can draw when they’re engaging with prospects. If you’re already using content marketing to reach into new demographics and engage a wider audience, using content for sales enablement is a high-impact strategy with huge return on investment. This is a new and powerful role for content to play.

Katherine Rundell is an academic writer at UKWritings Reviews and Academized, also she is a manager at Essay Writer services. She is a digital marketing consultant and has been supporting brands to grow through global strategies for over a decade.

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