Supercharging Zuus’ internal SDR team

About Zuus

Zuus Workforce is a workforce shift scheduling app. It helps you to manage shifts of your employees using employee schedule template.

Zuus was looking for someone that could help them ramp the effectiveness of their SDR team. Their SDRs were building their own cadences, doing their own research, and the results weren’t great.

As Michael said in our interview, “the results weren’t great, we were getting a really low engagement rate and a really low handoff rate.

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Outbound prospecting, like most any professional pursuit, presents challenge after challenge when you first commit to doing it.

What’s the best database for sourcing contacts? How many emails do I need to send to gain traction? How do I write an effective outbound email?

The list goes on.

To be fair, no one can fault you for not knowing what you don’t know. But the speed of business, and the inherent nature of competition aren’t quite so understanding. Nor will they every be. When you commit resources to outbound sales, you need that investment to yield a return. Quickly.

Such is the scenario Michael Pullman and his sales team at Denver-based Zuus found themselves in one year ago. The company’s inbound channel was bringing in sales, but at a slower pace than they wished. So, the company jumped into outbound sales. Zuus hired two SDRs, nailed their niche (Zuus sells workforce shift software tailored to quick services restaurant chains) and started sending emails.

Unfortunately, no one emailed back.

“We had them sending for a month with mixed results. We were getting low engagement rates and a low response rate. So, we starting looking for something that could increase those numbers,” says Pullman, a Senior Account Executive at Zuus.

“They were churning out hundreds of emails per week and not getting any handoffs. We wanted to figure out how to get replies.”

Luckily, Pullman had read Predictable Revenue and From Impossible To Inevitable and loved the sales practices the books shared. And so he figured, why not talk to the company built on the sales methodology he liked so much?

“That was the clear decision for me,” says Pullman.

Pullman met the Predictable Revenue team at SaaStr 2017, and began working together right away. But unlike his previous experience in outbound prospecting, the outreach was getting noticed. Leads began replying.


“We go in front of clients that we never would have gotten in front of,” says Pullman.

“We got in front of Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin International, Little Caesars, KFC, the cream of the crop. That never would have happened without Predictable Revenue.”

Those meetings, of course, yielded more than a chat with a persona at a big name chain. It resulted in a dramatic increase in pipeline and a closed deal from the second handoff Predictable Revenue provided.

Pullman also got a front row seat to see the scale needed to do successful outbound sales.

“If you get a 1.5% positive reply rate and a .5% handoff rate, based on your avg. sale cycle and deal size, what revenue figure does that result in. And, you can work that backwards to ‘how many contacts do I need to shovel into this machine to get X amount of monthly recurring revenue?’” says Pullman.

“To know those numbers is really powerful. It’s the key realization I had early on. We don’t need 500 contacts; we need 3,000 contacts because the drop off rate is so fast.”

Cole, the Account Strategist at Predictable Revenue that oversaw Zuus campaign, managed to source 6,000 hard to find contacts for them in the first six months. Cole also mentored the Zuus team on how to craft compelling email messages, and set up regular A/B testing to make sure the right emails templates were always being sent.

Cole also achieved a 1.54% positive engagement rate and a .5% handoff rate across all campaigns.

“Cole went above and beyond in helping us understand the data and use the right data providers to get to the right people,” adds Pullman.

“It was unbelievable.”

Pullman is so impressed, and convinced of, with Predictable Revenue’s impact that he suggests everyone dipping their toe in outbound sales to take advantage of their expertise.

“If you’re committed to outbound do it. Just do it. If you’re unsure of what you’re going to get out of your outbound work, just do it. The money is such a good investment because it increases your ramp time, and it makes it faster to get results to spur your team on,” says Pullman.

“One of our SDRs came in and said, ‘I got 26 handoffs this month!’ Having her get that success was just awesome.”

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