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Predictable Revenue, Made Easy.

“I’ve replaced all my prospecting tools and hacks with Carburetor, now we sell more with less work [and no mistakes].”

Greg Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Thinkific

Let Our Team Build Your Custom Targeted Lists

Free your team from clicking on LinkedIn or being limited to only one database
Work directly with our data team to build lists for you
Make use of the 31 different data sources we can pull from

Custom Build Your Prospecting & Qualifying Workflows

Prospecting workflows include your First Contact emails & Follow Ups
Qualifying workflows include all that happens after someone replies. (Positive responses, Calls to Action, etc)
Build them once and forget about them, we’ll guide you through your inbox and make sure you follow the set process

Personalize Your 1-to-1 Emails

Track email responses by sentiment (positive, neutral, negative)
Bundle email responses by type (working, qualifying, nurture, etc)
Automatically follow up or get reminders when prospects don’t respond to your 1-to-1 emails

Get Accurate, Clear, And Complete Data For Your Salesforce Dashboards

Map prospecting email templates to Salesforce Lead Statuses
Lead Statuses get updated and emails get synced in the background as your SDRs answer their emails
See your entire prospecting funnel in one simple & clear dashboard

Onboarding, Support, & Customer Success

Your dedicated Account Strategist will guide you manage your campaigns at every stage
We’ll help teach your team how to build, test, and improve your messaging
Get access to Aaron Ross’s unpublished Workbook & Playbook for onboarding

Platform Pricing

Bundle PlanPlatformOutsourced
Ideal ForStartups & Full-time ProspectorsNew to Predictable Revenue
Monthly pricing$1000/mo$5000/mo
Custom list building (per month)1,000 contacts2,100 contacts
Auto update & free bounce replacementYesYes
Account Strategy
InboxManaged by youManaged by us
Weekly Strategy Callfirst 2 weeks included
life of campaign
Weekly “Ask Me Anything” group calls1 per week2 per week
Email Access to Account StrategistYesYes
Integrated Workflow
Outbound Prospecting Emails & Auto FollowupsYesYes
1 to 1 Qualifying Emails & Auto FollowupsYesYes
Auto Pause FollowupsYesYes
Automatic Followup on 1 to 1sYesYes
Auto update prospecting statusYesYes
Auto build dashboardsYesYes
Unified team dashboardYesYes

Our Amazing Customers

“Working with Carb’s team and tools have allowed us to increase our outreach emails from 100 per week to 500. Over the course of a few months, we’ve tripled our pipeline value and sales. We strongly recommend using Carb to give a boost to your sales processes.”
Sean Tyson

Co-Founder & CSO, Quiet.ly

“Carb has streamlined our sales process. Their tool makes it easy for us to own and handle outreach, while increasing effectiveness of our campaigns through split testing our already targeted email campaigns. It’s cut down our people’s time by more than half!”
Peder Sande

Chief Product Officer & Founder, Rallyon

“Carb really helped systematize our prospecting. We got up and running quickly, and started booking calls in week one.”
Kareem Mayan

Founder, LowerMyChurn

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