Outsourced SDR Pods

SDR outsourcing done right. 

Create revenue opportunities with a predictable pipeline of leads.

How It Works

Build The Team

We hire a team that includes Client Success Managers, Sales Development Representatives, and Sales Researchers. We train them, and work with you and your team to build / compliment your playbook using our sales stack (eg. Salesforce + Outreach).

Playbook Design

We launch and run test campaigns to determine the right sales messaging, scripting, and channels to reach your target accounts.  This includes a plan to maximize revenue opportunities for each ideal market segment.

Build Pipeline

Using historical and current data to build dynamic sales cadences, we book a steady stream of meetings on your AEs’ calendars. Sit in on demos, set follow-ups, and anything else to keep your pipeline moving forward.

Real Time Reporting

Dedicated Client Success Managers working with you and your pod of SDRs weekly to measure what matters. You’ll receive real-time reporting, conversation recordings and performance analytics.

How We Are Different

What makes our SDR pods offering unique?

We practice a culture of experimentation and testing to all that we do.

We employ a diverse and multicultural team across Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico.

We have a satisfaction assurance clause – if you’re not happy with our services within a set time period, we will first attempt to resolve, and/ or provide an opt out.

We Care About Numbers

Here is what you can expect from the engagement:

Confirm Niche:

drill down with a focus on specific high-value target market segments of your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Optimize Sales Cycle Time:

prove or optimize the length of time it takes to complete the buyer journey and make a purchase decision.

Optimize Click-Through Rates:

monitor ongoing call-to-action messaging, tweaking, timing, and all aspects of email outreach (& call outreach).

Confirm Calls to Close Ratio:

define how many leads need to be contacted, on average, for one call to result in a conversion or closed deal.

What You End Up With


A steady stream of meeting with new prospects


A dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) team of 2 x SDRs


A Sales Researcher responsible for list building


Ongoing SDR training with our Head of Sales


Weekly check-ins with SDR + Account Director


Weekly SDR reports that outlines the campaings we’re running, our activity, and the results we’ve produced


Monthly reports that outline our progress on the upcoming milestone, results to date and our plans to get us to the next milestone

Scalable growth with a trained team built for outbound sales

Over the course of an 18-month engagement, our SDR Pods booked more than 120 meetings and generated over 2.1 million USD in pipeline for our client.

“It’s definitely less time-consuming and easier to work with Predictable Revenue than an internal team, just because of the experience PR brings to the table.”

Director of Sales Enablement & Operations

Get Started With Our SDR Pods

Solving the outbound sales puzzle can be hard. Get in touch so you can grow efficiently with an outsourced Outbound Sales Development Team

Start generating opportunities today. We will help you:

  • Source the right leads
  • Connect & share your unique value proposition
  • Find the decision makers
  • Handoff the opportunity to your sales team


No problem! We just want you to succeed. Take a look through our content to learn how. 

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