From firing their telemarketing agency to closing a deal and adding $1M in pipeline in 6 months

SCHOOX helps restaurants and retailers (Subway, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and Kia) manage the onboarding and education of their staff.

At the beginning of 2016, Schoox, an Austin-based eLearning Management company, had ambitions of faster sales growth but had limited resources to devote to executing that goal. They tried outsourcing their lead generation to a telemarketing company but saw lackluster results (less than a meeting a week).

To make matters worse, the meetings weren’t progressing in their pipeline which meant they weren’t on track to hit their growth targets for 2016.  He wasn’t on track to hit his 2016 sales plan and his sales team was frustrated by the lack of quality meetings the agency team was sending them.

New Meetings Each Week

6-Figure Opportunities Generated

Deals Closed By End of Month 3

Ray Brons – Schoox’s VP of Sales – had been tasked with an aggressive growth plan and a tight timeline to get it done in. If he was going to hit his goals, he knew that he would need to make a change. His sales team was trying to do everything from prospecting to closing because the telemarketing firm wasn’t producing enough meetings for them, but having them do both wasn’t producing results either. Schoox’s salespeople were great closers and Ray could see that if they could just focus on closing deals and not lead generation, they could generate higher and more predictable results.


As a company, they were focused on a niche with a huge pain for their service so finding customers in pain shouldn’t have been this hard.  Their platform helps restaurants and retailers (Subway, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and Kia) manage the training, onboarding, and ongoing education of their staff.  They had some very big name customers, great case studies, and two big wins that make building an outbound sales campaign much easier.



“Before Predictable Revenue, we were using a telemarketing company that was doing email campaigns and phone calls. Our success rate was pretty low – to be honest – and it wasn’t worth the investment.”
Ray Brons – VP Sales – Schoox


After working with the telemarketing agency for 6 months they didn’t have a single active opportunity in pipeline so Ray made the call to pull the plug.  His founder and CEO, Lefteris, had just finished reading Predictable Revenue and suggested Ray get in touch with “the guys that wrote the book.” Schoox was looking for quality this time, having learned their lesson the hard way, and decided to turn to the experts.  After researching alternatives and speaking to our customer references, Ray decided to enlist Predictable Revenue’s Accelerate team to help build his outbound pipeline.

They knew about Predictable Revenue because of the book but weren’t aware that our services went beyond high-level consulting engagements. They were excited to learn about our Accelerate team, a group of Account Strategists trained by Aaron Ross (“mutant SDRs” as Aaron lovingly calls them), that would build and run their outbound sales efforts. It was the perfect mix of coaching and outside help that Schoox was looking for. Additionally, Ray liked the fact that we don’t rely on a telemarketer’s phone skills in order to generate meetings. Instead, we focus on our email-centric approach that evolved out of Aaron’s wildly successful time at Salesforce. A meeting booked over email shows intent because someone sat in front of their inbox without anybody pressuring them and thought, “I think they might be able to help me.”

Ray Brons

VP Sales @ Schoox

“Within the first 90 days of our Accelerate program we’d already closed one opportunity that nearly paid for our annual subscription and had an additional $320,000 worth of pipeline in our qualified forecast.  Predictable Revenue’s processes work and their team is the best when it comes to best practices.

If I was doing it all over again they’d be my first call.”


The icing on the cake was our Milestone-based approach to building campaigns, refined over our experience in building hundreds of outbound campaigns for some of the fastest growing companies in the world.


6 months in, Schoox has closed multiple deals and generated over $1 Million in pipeline. They’re currently on track to grow their pipeline by 2X compared to last year and are finally closing deals consistently.

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