On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Sarah Harbison Tosh, Senior Director Market Development at marketing platform Sigstr. 

Sarah is a veteran sales leader – she’s grown and managed teams at startups, fast-growing mid-market companies, and international tech unicorns. 

Throughout the pod, Collin and Sarah discuss the growing trend and power of mixing brand marketing with outbound sales development. 

Highlights include: why brand is getting involved with outbound ([4:39]), striking the right balance between creativity and numbers ([6:13]), using creativity, personalization, and scale to stand out ([9:33]), staying on brand while giving SDRs freedom to be creative ([16:23]), teaching authenticity ([43:50]), the power of events ([46:39]), G2 Crowd reviews ([58:40]), sales lightning round (1[01:14]), and cold call Collin ([1:04:17]).

Editors note: The Secret to Getting ROI From Your Conference Sponsorship

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