Alice Chandrasekaran and Jennifer Aplin, co-founders of Digital Magenta Inc, join Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

Digital Magenta Inc is a specialized consulting firm that helps companies harness data to grow revenue and drive operational efficiencies. Together, co-founders Alice Chandrasekaran and Jennifer Aplin have combined their years of experience in data intelligence, sales, marketing, and revenue operations to build the Growth Data™ platform and help companies use data to accelerate growth and productivity. 

Highlights include: revenue growth’s missing link ([1:15]), what companies aren’t doing right now ([4:50]), what they should be doing ([7:55]), how to identify critical revenue drivers in your company ([11:11]), how Growth Data provides clarity ([16:02]), how to unlock the data ([20:42]), and the business impact of focusing on activities that generate the more revenue ([29:00]).

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