Erik Huberman, Founder, and CEO of Hawke Media joins Sarah Hicks on the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

Hawke Media is the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States. The company has serviced over 2000 brands of all sizes, ranging from startups to household names. As a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert, Erik is a highly sought-after thought leader in the world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, and business. In this episode, he teaches us how to write a concise, value-packed value proposition that travels through word of mouth without you spending a cent. Highlights include: why the traditional marketing ecosystem sucks ([2:50]), how Hawke Media fixed it ([4:55]), how sales and marketing collaborate on and benefit from the value prop ([7:10]), how to create your pitch ([8:39]), how to test it out in the wild ([12:41]), how to make it concise ([18:36]), the impact of a great value prop on inbound ([25:14]), and the impact on outbound ([27:53]).

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