This week’s guest on the Predictable Revenue podcast is Growth Stream’s Kieren O’Connor, interviewed by Sarah Hicks. 

He was breaking company records as a Commercial Director at Nobly POS by 22, and at 25 he is the co-founder of a consultancy that has generated over £10m in sales for its clients and is challenging traditional consultancies everywhere. Keiren shares how he gained 35 years of experience in 10 ([1:44]), what sets him apart ([8:25]), how to improve your knowledge as a salesperson on a daily basis ([11:14]), how to learn from the people around you ([13:26]), why Growth Stream is different from other growth consultancies ([16:21]), why having skin in the game makes such a difference ([18:05]), the 4 pillar sales process rivaling traditional growth models ([20:44]), and easiest way increase your sales and conversion rates right now ([42:47]).

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