Rene Zamora joins Sarah Hicks on this episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

Rene was ahead of his time. He’s been leading and managing small business sales teams virtually since he founded Sales Manager Now in 2006. After leading 2500 remote sales meetings and managing 20-30 salespeople per month, he has perfected the art of Virtual Sales Management. Listen on as Rene shares: why remote sales management has always been a great model, even pre-COVID ([4:20]), what sales reps are afraid to lose and how sales managers can solve that ([16:22]), enabling salespeople to learn from their peers in a virtual environment ([19:35]), ideal team meetings and 1 on 1s ([22:02]), what sales managers can do with the time they free up managing this way ([29:40]), and how owners/founders of small companies can lead and grow sales in just 10-20 hours a month ([34:04]).

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