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On this edition of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Nishank Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO of Demand Roll, a full service marketing agency.

After starting six startups – two of which that were acquired – Nishank is a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer.

Throughout the pod, Collin and Nishank discuss an always fascinating problem: how to harmoniously integrate outbound sales and marketing. Highlights include: Nishank’s background…and how he got into a bit of outbound on the side (10:22), different ways sales and marketing teams can work together (12:58), producing content that converts (15:46), bottom of funnel vs. top of funnel leads (22:22), getting people to respond to emails (25:49), ad spending (43:51), and cold call Collin (1:00:11).