Outbound Validation

Learn how to target your future customers and what to say to start sales conversations

The best first step in a sales development investment for a new product or service.

Step 1: We Help Unpack Your  Market-Fit Theory

We workshop with you to build a clear theory of who your customers are and what they want.

Step 2: We Run Campaign Experiments For You

We design experimental campaigns and run them for you, engaging thousands of strategically targeted people in conversation.

 Step 3: You Learn What Works and What Doesn’t

We evaluate the results and isolate the most effective ways to target your customers and how to start conversations with them.

Avoid wasting time and money on ineffective outbound tactics. Learn what works and what doesn’t, faster.

What we do for you

  • We guide you to build a clear market-fit theory for your new offering and break it down into testable hypotheses

  • We run up to 40 unique campaign experiments that engage 300-500 people each in conversation over email

  • We manage the email conversations on your behalf and introduce you to the prospects that are interested in getting on a call

  • We summarize the results and help you understand them, including the nuances in how each prospect responded


What you get

  • New conversations with potential customers

  • Evidence of how to target people who want your new offering

  • Evidence of which phrases are best at starting new sales conversations

  • Contact data for thousands of potential customers and a record of how they responded to our experiments

  • Detailed report that explains key discoveries and recommended next steps to succeed with outbound



What you can achieve

  • Find new customers and acquire market share faster

  • Gain the confidence you need to make a bigger investment into outbound sales

  • Discover market opportunities for future growth


Learn 10x Faster Than You Would With Other Sales Development Agencies.

Are you a fit for Outbound Validation?

You are a great fit if..

Your company..

  • Recently launched a new b2b offering with a minimum price of $10k
  • Has at least three customers who bought the new offering
  • Has an initiative to bring the new offering to a wider market
  • Believes your new offering has potential market of at least 2,000 companies or 10,000 people


  • Are responsible for sales or lead generation
  • Want to build a predictable way to generate revenue for your new offering
  • Want to learn more about your target market
  • Aspire to be data-driven and prefer a scientific approach
  • Want to de-risk a bigger investment in outbound sales


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