Webinar: How can SDR's / BDR's use Intent Data?

with LeadSift, IntentSify and Predictable Revenue

Intent Data is one of the hottest buzzwordS of 2019 for B2B Marketers. And why wouldn’t it be? Everyone would love to know which companies and buyers are in market for their solution. Marketing Teams are already fueling their advertising and marketing campaigns focusing on decision-makers and key champions in businesses who are showing intent to buy.

However one of the most critical components for success with Intent Data is making sure the Sales/Business Development teams understand and leverage this new source of intelligence in parallel with all other Marketing efforts.
In this Webinar, you’ll learn about:
  1. What is third-party intent?
  2. How can SDR/BDRs leverage Intent data to prioritize their prospecting efforts?
  3. How can Marketing lay out the framework for Sales to efficiently use Intent data?
  4. What are some limitations with third-party intent data?

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Collin Stewart

Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue is The Outbound Success Company, helping companies avoid costly mistakes in building outbound programs that accelerate sales growth. Our ever-evolving framework’s based on a proven system that’s helped hundreds of companies(from Salesforce.com and SAP-types to many small companies) make billions.  

Tukan Das

CEO, LeadSift

LeadSift is a Sales Intelligence Platform, working with the savviest B2B companies in the world, helping them automatically identify companies that are looking for their solution. At LeadSift, Tukan is the hacker, instigator and the dreamer where he is working with his team to fundamentally change how B2B Sales/Marketing is done. 

Marc Laplante

Co-Founder, IntentSify

Marc is a recognized industry leader with 20 years of experience in the B2B predictive analytics and demand generation space. Marc started off his career at TechTarget and spent 13 years building the company from start up to a public company. Marc then left to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams and co-founded Prelytix in 2012 with friend and colleague Mike Kelly. Together, they pioneered Prelytix as a first mover in the predictive analytics space. Prelytix was the first vendor that allowed organizations to see intent data across the entirety of the web from thousands of different publishers. Prelytix was acquired by First Derivatives PLC/MRP in 2015 for $20M.