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Cut through the noise, and learn what’s really working. We’ve invited only the top industry leaders to help YOU succeed!

Day 1 – thurs, June 3

8:50 am PT
Introducing OYG: Stand Up Comedy
With Corporate Bro

Get your motors fired up with the most hilarious intro by B2B Sales Comedian, Corporate Bro!

9:15 am PT
Salespeople need to STOP selling “value”

With David Priemer

Salespeople are often told they need to “sell value”” to their customers, and it’s a big problem!

The concept of “selling value” often focuses on a business case. In other words, sellers try to convince buyers that spending money on their product or service will result in a tangible, financial return. (i.e. increased revenue or cost savings). But that’s not what VALUE is!

10:00 am PT
Using video in the sales process

With Nick Capozzi

Only 3% of sales reps use video in their process. And those who do, typically only use it in prospecting.  Missed opportunity? Yes!

Nick Capozzi will teach you how to untap infine opportunities using video in this session.

10:45 am PT
Selling doesn’t have to be boring: the product/service alone won’t win in the marketplace

With Patrick E. McLean

As a communicator you have a responsibility to make your subject interesting, and to make sure that the rocks you throw at people’s heads are so fascinating that people can’t not pick them up.

In this session Patrick E. McLean will help you to quickly convey even the most technical parts of your awesomeness to anybody


11:15 am PT
Break – Office Yoga

With Julia Heesen

Take a break between sessions, and join us for a 10 min yoga session from your desk. 

Get a stretch in and relax! (no need to change clothes)

11:30 am PT
How to leverage communities to sell more!

With Jared Robin

Jared Robin, Co-Founder at one of today’s largest sales communities, RevGenius, talks about some key elements to leverage communities and sell more. He’ll cover:

1. How to learn from others – how to sell better, tactics, etc.
2. How to find the right community for you.
3. How to treat a community like a cocktail party to be seen by your prospects by leaning in to take out! Give, give, and give some more!

12:15 pm PT
The Most Common Growth Potholes and How to Avoid Them

With Mark Roberge

Mark has advised, invested in, and mentored hundreds of growth companies of all sizes over the last 5 years. From hiring to pricing to compensation and org design, he shares the most common mistakes organizations make during the growth phases and the best practices on how to avoid them.

Day 2 – Fri, June 4

8:30 am PT
AMA: Predictable Revenue Book

With Aaron Ross

How rare is it to be able to speak to a best-selling author and ask him questions about a particular book? This is your chance!

If you’ve read Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, join us for this AMA where you’ll be able to get your questions answered LIVE!

Note: This is an interactive roundtable limited to 50 attendees. The first 50 registrants will be notified.

9:15 am PT
You’re not JUST an SDR – Step-by-step guide to fill in pipeline by building relationships and using combo prospecting

With Nadja Komnenic

We preach about the importance of building relationships in sales, but how do we actually do it in practise and ensure our teams have that in their DNA?

One hint: There’s more to it than simply telling reps to be a “challenger” and “lead with value”

In this session, Nadja shows a step by step approach on how to properly build relationships, lead with value and use combo prospecting to generate more pipeline and dives into the mindset required to it well.

10:00 am PT
How to prospect through 2021 and beyond!

With Collin Cadmus

Modern prospecting success comes from playing the long game, creating awareness, establishing rapport, and aligning on a problem, all before even pitching or mentioning a potential solution.

In this session Collin Cadmus will cover how to use sales tools effectively, without removing the human element.

10:45 am PT
Neuroscience-based hyper tactical outbound approaches

With Justin Michael

Justin Michael is a cyborg. He’s automated millions of emails and make 20K hours on dialers often making 10X dials at a time.

In this session he dives into brain hacks and armchair neuroscience with radical approaches on how outbound can look and feel. 

11:15 am PT
Break – Office Yoga

With Julia Heesen

Take a break between sessions, and join us for a 10 min yoga session from your desk.

Get a stretch in and relax! (no need to change clothes)


11:30 am PT
Applying the Pareto Principle to SEO

With Brooklin Nash

This session is all about doing more with less, whether you’re a new Director of Marketing with a limited budget or a marketing team of 1. Brooklin will dive into:

– Effective SEO updates to immediately improve your traffic
– Focusing on keywords that will drive qualified traffic
– Backlink outreach to domains and partners that matter

12:15 pm PT
I Predicted Marketing Automation & It Changed Everything — Here’s What’s Next

With Jon Miller

The B2B buyer’s journey has changed dramatically and the role of marketers to influence that journey shifts with it. 

In this session, Jon Miller will discuss these recent trends in buying and how new research on sales and marketing alignment highlight the explicit ways revenue teams can set themselves apart from the competition.

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