September 17th

7:30 am PT
Welcome To OwnYourGrowth – The Sales Strategy Edition

Aaron Ross & Collin Stewart, Founders & CEO’s of Predictable Revenue, kick-off our Virtual Summit. How can you stay up-to-date with Sales in this constantly evolving environment? What can you expect from this summit? Tune in & don’t miss out on anything!


Aaron Ross & Collin Stewart

Co-Founders @ Predictable Revenue

8:00 am pt
Fireside Chat with Dannie Herzberg

Join this Fireside Chat with Dannie Herzberg where we’ll dive deep into her approach to buyers and the different stages of their journey, the key when moving upmarket, how to effectively approach new clients, and the changing landscape of female sales leaders.


Dannie Herzberg

Senior Director of Sales @ Slack

9:00 am pt
The Living Pipeline

Be intentional with the way you engage prospects, and be willing to go the extra mile. The Living Pipeline is the foundation behind a successful sales cycle with your prospects. It’s the idea of looking for more than just instant gratification in every call or stop you make.


Dale Dupree

Leader @ The Sales Rebellion

10:15 am pt
Introducing The New “Predictable Revenue” Model

Our founders Aaron and Collin will share their updated model based on hundreds of interviews with sales leaders and experience with over a thousand clients. Including: standard bottlenecks and best practices for creating consistent top of funnel, how outbound opportunities need to be handled by sales teams, the glue that pulls revenue teams together, and how to troubleshoot unpredictable results.


Aaron Ross & Collin Stewart

Co-Founders @ Predictable Revenue

11:15 am pt
Pivot Your Product & Sales Strategy in 3 Data-Backed Steps

A lot of sales teams are charting unknown territory (being in the midst of a pandemic & all). The sales team at PandaDoc is no different. Yet, somehow, they recently recorded their best month ever. Want to know how?

 Watch PandaDoc’s sales leaders discuss the exact 3-step process, so you can pivot your sales strategy too (and hit your number in no time).

Important Note: This is a roundtable with limited seats.

Jim Donovan & Michael Paladino

VP of Global Sales & Head of Global Sales @ PandaDoc

11:15 am pt
Building Community To Accelerate Your Sales Career

Scott will break down his learnings from helping build Sales Hacker, growing his LinkedIn following to 25K, advising for the Revenue Collective and now building up The Forecast.

Important Note: This is a roundtable with limited seats.


Scott Barker

Head Of Partnerships @ Sales Hacker

12:00 pm pt
7 Keys To Discovery Meetings That Close More Deals

Most reps run discovery meetings by either jumping into a pitch, or asking haphazard probing questions like “What are your biggest challenges?”. But data shows that both approaches are destructive to the sale.

In this program, I’ll show participants how to start, conduct, and establish the next steps from discovery meetings.


Marc Wayshak

Founder @ Sales Insights Lab

1:00 pm pt
Unusual Forms Of Outbound Prospecting

It’s all about novelty, the purple cow, and even gimmicks that provide a pattern interrupt and arrest prospect’s attention. Learn how to leverage your humor, unlock your creative genius, and support every possible channel to open new business. 



Justin Michael

RVP @ YouAppi

2:15 pm pt
Summary & Follow-Up

Hang out if you want to be part of our day’s summary, what we’ve learned, what we’ll implement & most importantly: answer all of your questions. 


Collin Stewart

Co-Founder @ Predictable Revenue

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