Justin Michael

RVP @ YouAppi

Unusual forms of Outbound Prospecting 

Justin Michael doesn’t do backflips, base jumps, wingsuit flying, or extreme sports – OK not at least while conscious.

But what he is, is a proponent of unusual, unorthodox methods of reaching prospects. This includes exotic B2C platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Text. This includes guerrilla and contact marketing like sending a drone and holding back a remote control. It includes personalized video messages, even from celebrities. Even something as simple as leveraging visuals that are worth 60,000 words to the prospect’s brain can be novel. It’s about novelty, the purple cow, and even gimmicks that provide a pattern interrupt and arrest prospect’s attention.

Learn how to leverage your humor, unlock your creative genius, and leverage every possible channel to open new business.


Justin “TQ” Michael is an avid technologist and sales futurist that has sought to automate sales development itself for dozens of cutting edge technology startups over the last two decades. He’s coined the term Technology Quotient (TQ) as distinct from IQ and EQ for Sales. He’s releasing a book called “Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills” in 2021 as a disciple of Aaron Ross and “Predictable Revenue.” He was the featured case study in “Combo Prospecting” by Tony J. Hughes as “the cyborg rep.” Justin has worked for Salesforce, LinkedIn, Sean Parker and consulted over 100 startups on cracking top funnel with converged tech stacks.

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