Jim Donovan

VP of Global Sales

@ PandaDoc

Pivot your product & sales strategy in 3 data-backed steps

A lot of sales teams are charting unknown territory (being in the midst of a pandemic & all). The sales team at PandaDoc is no different. Yet, somehow, they recently recorded their best month ever.

Want to know how?

PandaDoc’s sales and product teams tinkered, toiled, and eventually pivoted their strategy (in only 3 steps). Things moved pretty quickly from there. Watch PandaDoc’s sales leaders discuss the exact 3-step process, so you can pivot your sales strategy too (and hit your number in no time).

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Jim’s 20+ year career in sales has generated over $1B in revenue across five major enterprises in Media, SaaS, Finance, and Mobile industries. He specializes in B2B and B2C revenue generation and has decades of experience regularly creating hundreds of millions in revenue quotas.

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