Dule Dupree

Leader @ The Sales Rebellion

The Living Pipeline

An exceptional sales career mandates that we always be on the lookout for new and upcoming opportunities. Unfortunately, many people are still trying to build and implement the failing pipelines of the old guard. Business leaders, and the sales industry as a whole, have placed such a focus on the next 90 days they forget business relationships are what sustain their careers over the long run.

Thus, in The Living Pipeline, the emphasis is placed on the experience we give each and every prospect from the moment we meet them until the moment they buy from us. Be intentional with the way you engage prospects, and be willing to go the extra mile. You’ll find that changing your cadence and approach will reap many benefits in the coming years.

The Living Pipeline is the foundation behind a successful sales cycle with your prospects. It’s the idea of looking for more than just instant gratification in every call or stop you make.


Once known as The Copier Warrior, Dale is the appointed Leader and Founder of The Sales Rebellion. He has a sales background that dates back to his childhood as he was raised wandering the halls of his father’s business but has been a full-time sales professional for 13+ years.

Founded on March 1st of 2019, Dale now provides sales training and development through his firm, The Sales Rebellion, that challenges the status quo. He is audacious with his outreach, intentional in his sales walk, and driven to create a community of sales professionals that cause undeniable curiosity and true impact in their walk with prospects and clients alike by teaching the masses how to choose legendary in their sales career. The Rebellion believes in people over products, community over commission checks, fellowship over negotiations, and experiences over performing a pitch.

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