Aaron Ross

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

@ Predictable Revenue

Introducing The New “Predictable Revenue” Model

Aaron and Collin are more than ready to share their updated model based on hundreds of interviews with sales leaders and experience with over a thousand clients.

They will be talking about:

• Bottlenecks and best practices for creating consistent top of funnel.

• How outbound opportunities need to be handled by sales teams.

• The glue that pulls revenue teams together.

• How to troubleshoot unpredictable results.


Married with 9 children (mostly through adoption), Aaron loves motorcycles, and keeps a 20-hour workweek. He’s a keynote speaker and also the best-selling author of Predictable Revenue, called “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley,” and “From Impossible To Inevitable”, both based on outbound prospecting and sales systems that have created billions in value for companies like Salesforce.com, Oracle, Red Hat and many other companies. He’s Co-CEO of PredictableRevenue.com.

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