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Finally, get in touch so we can help you figure out if outbound sales will work in your new market/segment. Avoid wasting time and money on ineffective outbound tactics. Learn what works and what doesn’t, faster.

You are a great fit if..

Your company..

  • Recently launched a new b2b offering with a minimum price of $10k
  • Has at least three customers who bought the new offering
  • Has an initiative to bring the new offering to a wider market
  • Believes your new offering has potential market of at least 2,000 companies or 10,000 people


  • Are responsible for sales or lead generation
  • Want to build a predictable way to generate revenue for your new offering
  • Want to learn more about your target market
  • Aspire to be data-driven and prefer a scientific approach
  • Want to de-risk a bigger investment in outbound sales


Go from 0 to 10 meetings per week and 5X your ROI, like Sanguine Biosciences…

“The logistical aspect of sending 100s of emails per day isn’t the best use of CEO time.

You need a machine to do that, and Predictable Revenue is our machine.”
– Brian Neman, CEO, Sanguine Biosciences

Increase the number of qualified calls by 440% and grow your revenue by 40%, like eDynamic Learning…

“The pressure isn’t there when you’re using email. When the cold callers were struggling to hit their targets, the prospects could tell.

The Predictable Revenue approach is a much more logical workflow for generating initial meetings. We are having more legitimate conversations and getting more qualified leads.”
– Ricci Krizmanich, School Experience Manager

Close $406K (and counting) in new business, like Xavor…

“We were going to events and waiting for Oracle to refer business to us, but we weren’t doing any outbound sales.

Some of the conversations Predictable Revenue brought us didn’t have an Oracle product yet, so we were able to bring those deals to them. That was huge and really elevated our position with Oracle.”
– Hassan Ramay, Partner at Xavor Corporation