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Why Whiteboard Geeks nearly fired us and why they’re very happy they didn’t!

How are your outbound efforts going? If they could use a lift, check out the video below on how Whiteboard Geeks got their prospecting act together and nailed their niche.


Whiteboard Geeks creates education whiteboard videos for biotech companies.  Talk about a great niche!

Whiteboard Geeks is a services company that creates professional whiteboard videos for customers looking to engage and educate their market. They came to our Accelerate team in february 2015 with the hope of growing their business and generating new pipeline.

Not yet having a sales development team, they started with our Accelerate program to get things off the ground.

Results? Well it worked abysmally for three months…and then everything changed in month 4. In the video, they tell their own story about how they turned it around.


Results before they nailed their niche


Times ROI

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