Graphium Health ready to scale after Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Sales Consulting

Daniel Dura is the CEO & Co-Founder of Graphium Health and the point of contact for the Outbound Sales Consultation with Predictable Revenue.

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Graphium Health is a cloud-based software platform designed to help health professionals to keep their attention on providing outstanding patient care.


Daniel Dura is the CEO and Co-Founder of Graphium Health, a software company and data intelligence platform for anesthesia providers. They turned to Predictable Revenue’s Outbound Consulting to help establish scalable outbound systems.


Before working with Predictable Revenue, the company’s sales were predominantly sourced through inbound. They were in the early stages of running their first email campaigns and had one salesperson on the team. This sales associate had performed very well, but there was no organized process for bringing on more SDRs.

As the company began to grow, they realized they needed more structure in place before hiring additional salespeople. They had moved past the start-up stage and were ready to bring the company to the next level. Daniel wanted to ensure they were ready for those next steps and that they were set up for success before scaling further.


Without an organized sales system in place, it was difficult to scale. The lack of clearly defined roles was starting to hurt Graphium Health’s growth. There was uncertainty about which metrics to track, how to ensure accountability, and the best way to document their procedures. They were also looking to learn new strategies for taking an accounts-based approach.

Since no one on the team had experience building a B2B SaaS sales function from the ground up, they looked to Predictable Revenue for expert guidance.

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Daniel Dura

CEO @Graphium Health


“It’s been amazing to see how quickly we’ve been able to build out this new capability and avoid all the pitfalls we would have otherwise stepped right into.”

Daniel Dura


Our Outbound Consulting service was the best fit for Graphium Health. The primary goal of the engagement was to build a sales system they could rely on, and continue to invest in as the company grows.

Working with one of our coaches, Daniel and the Graphium Health team began to establish a new structure with clear expectations around each role. They also built a playbook to provide detailed guidance for future sales hires. These systems will be critical as the team grows.

At every step of the way, our coach was available to answer questions, hold the team accountable, and bring new ideas to the table.

“Every time we had a meeting with the PR team, we walked away impressed.”


We couldn’t be more excited about what Predictable Revenue has done,” Daniel says. “Not only have they brought people onto our team who fit with us culturally and are fun to work with, but every time we meet with them we learn something new.” Graphium Health is hoping to hire their next few salespeople in the coming months.

“It’s been amazing to see how quickly we’ve been able to build out this new capability and avoid all the pitfalls we would have otherwise stepped right into.”


Our Outbound Consulting service provided the insight and guidance Graphium Health needed to build their outbound sales systems. Before working with Predictable Revenue, the team had one successful salesperson but was lacking the structure to scale.

Our outbound coach helped establish Graphium Health’s sales team structure, document their playbook, and monitor the right metrics for success. With strong foundations in place, they look forward to more predictable pipeline growth.

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