Investing in building or training your outbound prospecting team should be more than a box to check on the “things to do in building a sales team” list…once you’re ready to grow, it can be THE MAIN DRIVER of sales…and thus the main driver of things like company valuation, cashflow and attractiveness to acquirors.

A killer outbound team can turn struggle into success

For example – and unfortunately we’re not allowed to name names here – but three early Predictable Revenue clients:

  • Company #1 said “we’re generating over $4 million in pipeline from outbound this quarter,” up from zero a year ago.
  • Company #2 went from under $1 million to $20 million in revenue in three years, 82% of which was driven by the outbound prospecting team.
  • Company #3, a $30 million company, added another $10 million in extra revenue through outbound prospecting, “…the outbound team has been the difference between us not growing at all and growing at 30+% annually”.

It’s both neat and frustrating to have a project go so well that the company isn’t willing to share it’s success story, being afraid competitors will hear about it 🙂

Need to get it right the first time?

There is PLENTY of detailed information in the book to build your own outbound team from scratch or improve what you have.

But – I know companies often struggle for YEARS on their own too, spinning their wheels wasting time and money either hemming and hawing around when or if to build a team, or doing it half-assed and getting a negative or measly return.

I’ve also seen what a difference it makes when a company commits all-in, 100%, investing big, seeing people get energized, companies transform, and revenue roll in.

Can every company get those above results? no!

But whatever your situation, getting expert help can ensure you minimize wheel-spinning and make the most of your investment the fastest.

If you need to add at least several million in revenue over the next couple of years, and want to find out about getting our help in building a world-class prospecting team to drive it, right now is a great time to reach out to us.


We’re rolling out a set of new, more affordable & focused programs to help companies more easily get started building or training their prospecting team.

One of these programs, such as “Extraordinary Email”, “Messaging & Mapping Calls” or “Sell Ideas, Not Stuff” (or others) could be just what you need to break one of your sales bottlenecks.

(If you speak with us, we can list them all out and help you figure out the best place to start.)

I’m proud and grateful that my expert partner Alicia will be leading these focused programs.

My personal, close involvement isn’t a fit for most companies for all kinds of reasons, whether because of the sales model, culture, or $240k/12-month commitment.

(What, you thought building a world-class team was easy, could be done in 90 days, or done on the cheap?  If you’re having sticker shock at the $240k number, consider it isn’t a big investment if you’re planning on spending, over a couple of years, a million or two on salaries and want to generate $5-$10+ million in revenue.)

I’m very limited in the number of clients i can personally work with, because a) it’s better for them, b) I can’t multi-task, and c) I have a big and growing family.

In fact, i just got back from China last Friday with our four year adopted son, & who has special needs, which makes now a total of four kids at home, ages 10, 8, 4 & 1…so far.  We’d like more!

Why now?

Two reasons you should care now about considering hiring us for one of these new programs:

1) Since we want to add more customer success stories quickly, we’ll have a couple of incentives for the next four clients who sign up (keep reading…)

2) Plus, more importantly, there is less than 7 months left until the end of the year.  It takes 6-12 months to begin seeing regular revenue from a new prospecting team. so the clock is ticking FAST if you want to see ANY extra revenue before December 31, 2013.

By starting this summer, you can also be ramped up and blow out 2014 year from the beginning.


These programs are a flat $20k plus travel for projects in the USA; $25k for international. (no negotiating please.)

If you’re a first-time client, there’s also a $5k assessment fee for extra upfront work and our library of detailed online training and reference materials we provide.

Generally, the programs run 45-60 days, with:
a) ~2-4 weeks of remote coaching/preparation leading up to
b) A 2-day onsite (or 3-day onsite for international), followed by
c) 30 days of reinforcement & support.

Something special if you’re ready to go before August 1

We want to build a set of success stories quickly with these focused projects, so we’re rewarding the next four early adopters who sign up with:

  • Waiving the $5k initial fee, 
  • Having Aaron closely involved along with Alicia (think of it this way, you’d be getting a $40k project for $20k), and
  • We’ll make an extra to Gavin’s heart surgery.

To learn more or ask a question

Start here if you’re interested in hiring us (including if you’re a mid-level manager who’s still trying to sell the idea to your executives) or want to talk for any other reason.


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