How Cirrus Insights Co-Founder Brandon Bruce Still Finds Ways to Support His Sales Team After 7 Years 

“I think that leadership should always be involved in sales. So, part of my role is sharing the good news of Cirrus Insight on blog posts and podcasts,” says Brandon Bruce, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Cirrus Insight.

Having a C-level executive jump in a deal, at any point along the cycle, is a critical pillar of support to lean on. This is a great strategy to leverage during a summer sales lull. And it demonstrates to prospects that the company takes the deal seriously, and wants it to work for everyone involved.

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Professional Ice Breakers: How Outreach SDRs Execute 75 Cold Calls Per Day

“Here, we make a lot of calls – 75 per day. So, you have to be prepared to go right into a conversation. How do you open? And, how do you handle objections?,” asks Steve Ross, Director of Sales at Outreach. “For me, it boils down to two things: gathering detailed account information, and deciding how to use it.”

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A few easy ways to create a mindful approach to your relationships, your sales, and your life

Mike Fiascone, Sr. Director, Sales Productivity at DocuSign shared a guest post on creating a Mindful approach. “Embarking on a mission of mindfulness, self-love, self-improvement – whatever you want to call it – can be a daunting project. Especially in the early days. Knowing where to start, who to turn to for guidance, and how to stay committed are questions that, if left unanswered, can derail the most positive plans.” Read the blog post


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