i’m still in china, missing my family back home, but things are going great here with the two new boys (updates on snapchat: aaronross383, plus a few funny pictures in the ‘ps’ below).  

while i’ve been here, i have another outbound “rags to riches” story i thought you’d find interesting…

Schoox, in Austin, helps restaurants and retailers (Subway, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and Kia) manage the onboarding and education of their staff.  Ray Brons – Schoox’s VP of Sales – had been tasked with an aggressive growth plan and a tight timeline (and limited budget!)

last year, they wanted to get outbound off the ground.  they tried outsourcing their lead generation to a telemarketing company, but received less than a meeting a week…

AND those meetings weren’t progressing in their pipeline…

which meant Ray wasn’t on track to hit his 2016 sales plan and his sales team was fed up by what they were getting…

maybe you’ve been there yourself!

Ray knew that he would need to make a change.

his sales team was trying to do everything from prospecting to closing because the telemarketing firm wasn’t producing enough meetings for them, but having them do both wasn’t helping.

as a company, Schoox was focused on a niche with a huge pain for their service, so finding customers in pain shouldn’t have been this hard.

they had some big name customers and great case studies: two big wins that make building an outbound sales campaign much easier.  [by the way, if you don’t have “great” case studies yet, and many people don’t because they can be a pain in the azz to do, start with whatever you can document, then improve from there.  don’t let perfect block better.]

after working with the telemarketing agency for 6 months, they didn’t have a single active opportunity in pipeline.  Ray pulled the plug.

his founder and CEO, Lefteris, had just finished reading Predictable Revenue and suggested Ray get in touch with “the guys that wrote the book.”

Schoox was looking for quality this time, having learned their lesson, and turned to the experts (hint: us).

after researching alternatives and speaking to our customer references, Ray enlisted Predictable Revenue’s Accelerate Team to help build his outbound pipeline for him.  Ray and his team knew about the Predictable Revenue company because of the book, but weren’t aware that our services went beyond high-level consulting.

Ray & Co. were excited to learn that our Accelerate Team, a group of Account Strategists trained by me (“mutant SDRs” as i lovingly call them), can build and run their outbound sales efforts for, and with them, until (if desired) he was ready to take it over with an internal team.

for Ray, our Accelerate Team program our most popular, offered the right mix of coaching and outside help.  he also liked not relying on someone’s phone skills to generate meetings – it’s harder and riskier to have outsiders make quality calls for you.  instead, our Accelerate Team focuses on the strategy of how you will “Nail A Niche”, while implementing our “email first” outbound approach that evolved out Salesforce, and yes STILL works today!  if you do it right.

a meeting booked over email shows intent, because someone sat in front of their inbox without anybody pressuring them and thought, “I think they might be able to help me.”

Ray: “Within the first 90 days of our Accelerate program we’d already closed one opportunity that nearly paid for our annual subscription and had an additional $320,000 worth of pipeline in our qualified forecast. Predictable Revenue’s processes work and their team is the best. If I was doing it all over again, they’d be my first call.”

the icing on the cake was our Milestone-Based Approach to building outbound campaigns, refined over our experience in building hundreds of outbound campaigns for some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

6 months in, Schoox has closed multiple deals and generated over $1 million in pipeline. they’re currently growing pipe 2X compared to last year, and are finally closing deals consistently.  boom!

note: you can’t expect to close multiple deals as fast as Schoox, it all depends on your sales cycle and market / ‘nailing a niche’.  why do people with 6 month sales cycles expect to get revenue in within 90 days in many outbound programs?!?

want help getting results like this?  

– air  

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ps: a few pictures from china, now that i’ve picked up both boys (both are 12). nope they aren’t natural brothers, they are independent adoptions, but they became fast and silly friends.  they are total characters who’ll fit right in at home.