salesloft has been on a tear the past few years, doing a lot of creative marketing and expanding their ideas with a lot of research.  I had the pleasure of joining their founder/president Ken Krogue and Kyle Porter (CEO, SalesLoft) on a Hangout chat to talk about “Sales Strategy”, and what the heck that means.

To me, strategy is “doing the right things” and tactics are “doing things right”.  For example, you could have the best prospecting techniques in the world (great tactics), but if you’re having your sales reps doing it part-time (poor strategy), rather than building a team of dedicated prospectors, it’s not going to be predictable or scalable…

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PS – Kyle Porter & SalesLoft have now put together a great summary of the talk “9 Takeaways from a Sales Leader Discussion with Ken Krogue, Aaron Ross, and Kyle Porter

PPS – SalesLoft is an up-and-comer, coming up with some neat and useful apps for prospecting, especially around using LinkedIn.  Check out their “Job Alerts Email” and “Prospector” apps at their site.   Also, Kyle recently interviewed me here: Sales Leader {Video} w/ Aaron Ross author of “Predictable Revenue”.

PPPS – I admit to enjoying making fun of pompous people who use the words “strategy” and “strategic” too much to try sounding  important.   Strategery (that’s not misspelled) is about being smart not sounding smart.

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