Predictable Revenue’s Aaron Ross and Meena Sandhu featured speakers at SaaStock Dublin

1 October 2019

When summer draws to a close and vacations wrap up, that can only mean one thing… conference season is upon us! And the Predictable Revenue team will be busy at many top-tier events this year.

First up: SaaStock Dublin, which is being held from October 14 – 16 at RDS Dublin.

At this year’s event, Aaron Ross, our Co-CEO, and Meena Sandhu, our VP of Revenue will be featured speakers.

Aaron’s much anticipated talk, scheduled for October 15 at 4:30 pm on the Scale Stage, will focus on designing a “playbook for igniting growth.” Attendees can expect a dynamic session in which Aaron takes you discuss the reasons revenue growth stalls and stutters at companies and, of course, shed light on how to overcome those all-too-common obstacles.

Expect a deep dive through “Aaron’s 5 reasons for revenue plateaus, a look at how Bregal Sagemount consistently triples company valuations in three years, how Twilio nailed a billion-dollar niche, and the uncommon practices of hypergrowth CMOs.” Triple your growth rate with the $100 million best practices of Predictable Revenue

You won’t want to miss this.


Building Your Outbound Sales Playbook Bootcamp

We’ll be hosting the Bootcamp on Mon Oct 14 10:00am – 4:00pm. Check our agenda for all the details. 

10:00am – 11:30am – Workshop 1 – How we used Outbound to validate our target accounts list

Building a successful outbound sales team requires mastering four key competencies, Market Fit, Messaging, Channels, and Tactics.  While all factors are important, Market Fit is the standout, acting as a multiplier of your efforts.

Collin Stewart (CEO) and Kenny Mackenzie (CPO) will demonstrate why and how you can use outbound to test markets and find the perfect target accounts to power your Outbound or ABM strategy

12:00pm – 01:30pm – Workshop 2 – How to build a scalable sales team 

Aaron will dive deep into the surprisingly few reasons that revenue growth stalls and stutters at companies, no matter how hard they are pushing for it, and how to (re)ignite it, including:

  • The 5 reasons revenue plateaus
  • How to build your first sales team
  • Sales team mistakes CEOs & VP Sales make

2:30pm – 4:00pm – Workshop 3 – Building remote sales teams 

Hiring sales development talent has never been more competitive, this panel will explore how you to find top talent in remote locations, integrate them into your team, and build a healthy remote sales culture.

Speakers – Steli Efti, CEO at; Liam Martin, CEO at, and Collin Stewart, CEO at Predictable Revenue

Walk away with the outbound sales SaaS playbook you need to ensure long-term commercial success. Register now! 


For Meena’s presentation, she will lead attendees through an in-depth Growth Marketing Bootcamp. Attendees will “design an expansion revenue growth plan to grow year on year, build a blueprint to utilise customer research, and understand how to develop a growth team that’ll give you a competitive edge to win.”

Expect a detailed discussion of how to use customer research and leverage the always critical Voice of Customer in your marketing materials (which, by the way, can lead to upwards of a 466% increase in conversions).

Pretty sweet, right?

For more information on the event, including tickets, other speakers, and what other illuminating events SaaStock is putting on, check out their website

See you there!